May 27, 2009

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue 'No Lost Child Program'

Carolina Beach and USLA are developing a program to reduce the number of lost and missing children on area beaches. The program will work as follows for Carolina Beach:

•Each stand will have the upper platform painted a different color.
•The two groups of stands on the northern and southern ends of the beach will each have a set of colors.
•At each stand, lifeguards will have colored armbands that match that stand's designated color.
•Bands will be placed on the child's wrist by a parent or guardian. (The armbands are similar to those used at water parks.)

In the event that a child is found wandering on the beach strand, this program will greatly aid in returning the child to his or her parents in a timely manner. Giving the children a colored armband and identifying each stand with a color should reduce the number of lost or missing children and adults for the 2009 season.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact the CBOR.

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