May 22, 2009

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is Ready for Summer

Fortunately for us, the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is ready for summer as shown in the above News14 webcast. And that's a good thing because according to area media reports, they have already made several rip tide rescues today. And with the forecast expected to remain the same all weekend, we can expect choppy ocean waters and high threat of rip currents along all area beaches.

What to do if you are in a rip current?
• Don't panic
• Don't swim against the current towards shore
Do swim parallel to shore until you are free of the current
• Once free, you can swim back towards shore.
• If you are unable to escape the current, try to remain calm and float/tread water until help arrives

Here's a handy rip guide from NOAA that's definitely worth printing:
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