May 31, 2009

All NC Bars and Restaurants to be Smoke Free by January 2, 2010

As reported in this week's Island Gazette, our NC legislators have passed a bill prohibiting smoking in all NC bars and restaurants effective January 2, 2010. Now I'm sure there are some who are bemoaning this bill, but I am not one of them.

I've always considered allowing people to smoke in restaurants in the same vein as allowing people to smoke on airplanes. You had about 8-10 rows that allowed smoking and then started the non-smoking rows. So there was always a few poor fellows who got got stuck in the 'magic-barrier' row where the guy 2 1/2 feet behind them was just puffing away. Bottom-line, it's tough to contain smoke. It goes where it goes.

I'm not one of those people who is overly concerned about the health ramifications of second hand smoke. This is primarily because I don't spend that much time in smokey environments and I know from experience that I've probably sucked in more harmful chemicals while driving in city traffic. My primary complaint is that cigarette smoke is stinky, I mean like stinky, stinky. Have you ever stopped by a bar to have a quick drink with friends only to find that you have to go home to take a shower and change clothes because after spending only a few minutes in the place, your entire self stinks? It's annoying.

So as a former smoker myself (I quit over ten years ago), I applaud this law and look forward to going out without having to worry about getting hit with stink bombs. Now, if we can just get something done about smokers who use our
public beaches as ashtrays. That really bugs me!!

And now, for the lighter side of smoking:

May 27, 2009

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue 'No Lost Child Program'

Carolina Beach and USLA are developing a program to reduce the number of lost and missing children on area beaches. The program will work as follows for Carolina Beach:

•Each stand will have the upper platform painted a different color.
•The two groups of stands on the northern and southern ends of the beach will each have a set of colors.
•At each stand, lifeguards will have colored armbands that match that stand's designated color.
•Bands will be placed on the child's wrist by a parent or guardian. (The armbands are similar to those used at water parks.)

In the event that a child is found wandering on the beach strand, this program will greatly aid in returning the child to his or her parents in a timely manner. Giving the children a colored armband and identifying each stand with a color should reduce the number of lost or missing children and adults for the 2009 season.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact the CBOR.

Image Credit

May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Videos from Carolina Beach

If anyone knows the outcome of the stuck vehicle in the final video, please let us know in the comment section. From the looks of it, it would appear that it is now a crab trap.

May 23, 2009

Kure Beach and Fort Fisher Aquarium Equal the Perfect Day Trip from Raleigh

Raleigh's WRAL has been doing a weekly series titled "Summer on a Budget." This week's story was on taking a day trip down to Kure Beach and spending time at the Fort Fisher Museum, the Aquarium and of course, the beach. At the end of the story, they sum up the experience as being 'a rare treasure indeed.' As someone who lives here, I just couldn't agree with them more.

Michael's Seafood, Havana's, Blackhorn and Freddie's Receive Good Press

Recently, four Pleasure Island restaurants received some well deserved favorable press in the Wilmington Star. In case you missed the articles, we posted them here for you to check out. But I must warn you, if you read all four articles you might find yourself stating that you're hungry enough to eat a horse...or is that a dog (forget it, I've confused myself yet again-let the two of them figure it out).

Michael's Seafood Restaurant
Havana's Restaurant
Blackhorn Bar & Grill
Freddie's Restaurante

Photo credit

ACJ: "Beyond the Beach Along Cape Fear"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Jack Horan
Sunday, May 24, 2009

After swimming in the breakers, digging for periwinkles, watching the kids shovel sand, tossing bread to sea gulls, tanning by the pool and topping the day off with a sumptuous seafood dinner, what’s left to do at the beach?

Well, plenty, if you spend a weekend on the Cape Fear Peninsula below Wilmington on North Carolina’s southeastern coast...

Read the Story Here

May 22, 2009

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is Ready for Summer

Fortunately for us, the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is ready for summer as shown in the above News14 webcast. And that's a good thing because according to area media reports, they have already made several rip tide rescues today. And with the forecast expected to remain the same all weekend, we can expect choppy ocean waters and high threat of rip currents along all area beaches.

What to do if you are in a rip current?
• Don't panic
• Don't swim against the current towards shore
Do swim parallel to shore until you are free of the current
• Once free, you can swim back towards shore.
• If you are unable to escape the current, try to remain calm and float/tread water until help arrives

Here's a handy rip guide from NOAA that's definitely worth printing:

Katie B. Hines Senior Center Monthly Pancake Breakfast

Make sure to head over to the Katie B. Hines Senior Center for their wonderful monthly pancake breakfast. Not only do you get a truly delicious breakfast at a great price but you will be helping support one of the Island's most worthwhile organizations. The monthly breakfast is held the first Saturday of every month.

What: Delicious Pancake Breakfast plus eggs, sausage, fruit, juice and coffee
When: Monthly--7:30 to 11:00 am
Price: Tickets are $6 for adults, $4 for children over 8, and free for kids 8 and under
Where: Katie B. Hines Senior Center, 308 Cape Fear Blvd., Carolina Beach NC

(To place a to go order, please contact the center @ 458-6609)

Here is a list of some of the weekly activities that take place at the center:
Monday: Painting class at 1:00pm and Line Dancing at 3:30pm.
Tuesday: Bridge at 1:00pm.
Wednesday: Painting and Quilting at 1:00pm.
Thursday: Basket making at 10:00am, Memoirs at 1:00pm and Bingo at 7:00pm.
Fees may apply for some of these events.
(On the first Thursday of every month bring 4 canned goods to be donated to the Help Center!) Fees may apply for some of these events.

May 18, 2009

24th Annual Pleasure Island Beach Music Festival on June 6th

"One of the Best Beach Music Festivals in North Carolina"

For one of the longest running beach music festivals in the United States, you'll want to attend the historic 24th Annual Beach Music Festival held on the first Saturday in June each year in Carolina Beach. Enjoy a full day of live entertainment with the hottest beach music bands in the South. Beer and soft drinks will be available for purchase but please leave your coolers and your pets at home.

•What: 24th Annual Pleasure Island Beach Music Festival
•When: Saturday, June 6th starting at 11 am with bands scheduled until 6:45 pm
•Where: On the Beach!! Carolina Beach, NC
•Cost: Advance tickets $10 & tickets at the gate $15
•Purchase your tickets today at or at the Pleasure Island Chamber office:
1121 N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach NC,

Musical Lineup
•Jim Quick and Coastline
•Sammy O'Banion with Mardi Gras
•Holiday Band
•Craig Woolard Band
•Mark Roberts and Breeze

For more information about this event and to hear about the 4th Annual Shag Contest to be held at Shanty's Beach and Blues Club in Carolina Beach on Friday, June 5th, please visit the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce website.

Photo Credit: Island Gazette photo 1 & 2

The Fort Fisher Hermit's School of Common Sense--"He Made People Think"

(Federal Point Cemetery)

Have you ever heard about the Fort Fisher Hermit? Maybe you were lucky enough to meet him. Fort Fisher HermitJoin aquarium staff to watch the award winning documentary, entitled “The Fort Fisher Hermit: The Life & Death of Robert E. Harrill.” Then take a walk in the Hermit’s footsteps out through the marsh to the bunker where he lived. Learn how the Hermit lived in the marsh surviving largely on plants and animals. Test your own skills catching the releasing food from the marsh.

Summer 2009 Dates/Time*:
May 31st @ 3:00pm
June 13th @ 8:00am

•Meet at the Fort Fisher Aquarium
•Price: $18.00 per participant. (Aquarium admission is included with price.)
•Aquarium Member Price: $10.00.
•Age Restrictions: Ages 15 and up.

•Call 910-458-7468 or e-mail to register.

*This program may be canceled if a minimum number of participants is not met on a specific date.

*Future dates/times may be added (Will update the schedule here if changes/additions are noticed on the FF Aquarium events calender)

Carolina Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park to Open Memorial Day Weekend

[EDIT: For current park information, click here]

It looks like the arrival of the Boardwalk amusement rides are beginning to create some new buzz for the island. It seems like everyone you talk to on the island is excited about the rides. But most importantly, the ones most excited are our younger residents & visitors.

All the rides should be delivered and ready for operation this coming weekend. Let the fun begin in Carolina Beach!

May 16, 2009

Forget Shark Attacks...What About the Octopuses?

As summer quickly approaches, I've noticed an increase in visits to this blog from people doing web searches on area shark attacks. Now, I fully understand that some people are still traumatized by the 1975 movie Jaws. But if they had just taken the time to watch all the sequels to the original Jaws, they would have quickly realized that sharks don't really eat helicopters and that the true risk of being a shark attack victim was greatly exaggerated in the films (they do that you know?). In truth, the actual odds of an attack are extremely low--I'm talking about 'low' as in getting struck by lightning while holding a winning lottery ticket.

But, you say, sharks do attack helicopters, don't you look at the Internet? Well, I'm here to tell you that this shocking photo that made the Internet rounds for many years is actually a fake. I know, it is shocking that someone would fake this, but I can assure you that no US military helicopter has ever been consumed by a shark. As for Naval Divers, well, they do spend a lot of time in the water.

So what's the point of this blog post? The point is that people need not worry about shark attacks when vacationing in Carolina Beach or Kure Beach (Wrightsville is a different story as I hear they actually chum the water--j/k, we love our neighbors to the north). Last year, there were only three reported shark incidents for both South and North Carolina combined (check the above 'shark attack' link). So really, you need not concern yourself about sharks during your beach vacation. Instead, enjoy yourself, relax, have fun in the sun, and most of all, spend lots of money ;-)

But, with all that said, if you ever see indications that Octopuses are cruising (or whatever it is called when these freak-like water spiders move about) the shoreline, stay the hell out of the water. IMO, they are the sea creatures that we should all truly fear.

Not only are octopuses dangerous in the ocean, these bastards have eight legs (or arms so say the octopus experts) so they can theoretically follow you to your car. Actually, I remember reading on some website once that these menacing creatures have been known to hide under vehicles and when unknowing victims return to their cars, they will reach out with one of their freak-a-zoid legs (or arms) and cut the unsuspecting victim's Achilles tendon thus causing the poor hapless soul to crumble to the ground where the apex predator can then drag the hobbled victim to their hell-like sea den. No really, this is true, I read it somewhere on the Internet.

So to anyone who doesn't believe me when I say that we need to direct all our ocean safety resources to stopping Octopuses and not sharks, just check out this video. And when you're done, you tell me which one you fear the most. The ocean really does suck!

(PS. To any members of the comma police, I apologize for this post but I was in a comma mood today, I just was.)

For additional shark posts, click here.

May 11, 2009

Carolina Beach Receives $20,000 Bike Grant

The following is from the May 10th Wilmington Star News:

Carolina Beach was one of 12 municipalities across the state to get a bicycle and pedestrian planning grant from the DOT. Last week, the N.C. Board of Transportation awarded $315,850 to 12 municipalities for bicycle and pedestrian planning. Carolina Beach gets $20,000.

The DOT anticipates that the municipalities selected will begin the planning process this fall. The department also will be available to provide technical assistance to the municipalities. Since 2004, 92 N.C. municipalities have been awarded grants for comprehensive bicycle or pedestrian plans.

Kure Beach Boardwalk to Be Completed by Memorial Day

News 14 Carolina has a video/article of the construction progress being made on the Kure Beach Boardwalk. Per the article, Kure Beach town leaders hope to have the 1,200' boardwalk extension completed by Memorial Day. As it stands now, they are on target to meet that goal.

Click here to view the video and read the article.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher Begins Their Popular Surf Fishing Workshops

By Amy Kilgore
Kure Beach, NC - Want to spend a day at the beach surf fishing? As summer approaches, the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher prepares to begin their popular surf fishing workshops. This three-hour workshop includes one hour of classroom discussion, then fishing on the beach nearby. In the classroom, participants learn about common fishing equipment, baits, and fish identification. Then the fishing begins. Participants practice the catch and release method as they search the waters for fish and then learn how to use a cast net to catch their own bait fish. Spring and summer fishing sessions bring an array of fish that can be commonly found in the area. One popular fish is the red drum, which is North Carolina’s state fish. Other frequently caught fish are whiting, black drum, flounder, and bluefish.

The workshops, which are fun for both children and adults, are for ages ten and up and the fee is $12 per participant. Aquarium admission is not included. Pre-registration is required. Workshops are offered Saturday, May 2, 9, 16, and 30 at 9:00 am, Tuesday, June 9, 16, and 23 at 8:00 am, and Tuesday, July 14, 21, and 28 at 8:00 am.

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is located just south of Kure Beach, near the mouth of the Cape Fear River, on U.S. 421. The site is less than a mile from the Fort Fisher ferry terminal. Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day). Admission: $8 adults; $7 seniors; $6 ages 6-17. Free admission for: children under 6; registered groups of N.C. school children, and NC Aquarium Society members. General information:

NC Aquariums are accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). AZA and its more than 200 members work together to build North America’s largest wildlife conservation movement, by engaging and inspiring 143 million visitors and their communities to care about and take action to help protect wildlife.
NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher900 Loggerhead RoadKure Beach, NC 28449

May 10, 2009

Local Music Legend, Mojo Collins, To Perform at Carolina Beach on May 21st

CAROLINA BEACH, NC MAY 5, 2009: The Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover is proud to welcome North Carolina’s Mojo Collins for a free concert at the Carolina Beach Gazebo Stage on Thursday, May 21, 2009. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Collins brings his legendary folk, rock and blues music to the first night of the Boardwalk Blast Summer Event Series.

Throughout his career, Collins has performed with or opened for many reknowned musicians including, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Santana, Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughn. His award-winning music and songwriting is well known in the US as well as around the world. He is the recipient of 1999-2000 North Carolina Arts Council Music Fellowship in Songwriting who has been performing for five decades and has over 300 original songs.

The concert will be held on the Carolina Beach Gazebo Stage from 6:30-9:30pm.

The Boardwalk Blast is a summer event series at the Carolina Beach sponsored by the Boardwalk Makeover Group this summer. There will be over 100 events at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Some of these events consist of Thursday night entertainment (followed by the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce’s Fireworks by the Sea), Cash and Kids Bingo, Jazz Under the Stars, Shanty’s Shagging, Trop Rock DJ on Sundays and Tuesday Family Nights. For complete details on the Boardwalk Makeover Boardwalk Blast visit

May 9, 2009

Southport's Ibis Fest May 12th thru 16th

The picturesque City of Southport, at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, and the Cape Fear Audubon Society invite you to spend four days exploring their salt marshes, waterways, longleaf pine savannas, ocean shores and maritime forests.

Each Spring thousands of White Ibis make their way to Battery Island, just off the riverfront shores of Southport, to mate, nest and raise their young. It is a special time for those of us who are fortunate to make their home in Southeastern North Carolina. Ibis Fest was created to show the rest of the world why the area is a birder and nature lover's paradise.

The activities are extensive and will be held all over SE North Carolina from Sunset Beach to Carolina Beach State Park and almost everywhere in between.

For the entire list of events/activities and for schedules and sign ups, visit the official 2009 Ibis Fest website.

Photo: This past November, a flock of Ibises forge on a vacant lot in Carolina Beach.

May 8, 2009

Go-Carts Coming to Carolina Beach

Snow's Cut Monthly is reporting that Drifter's Reef Motel is constructing a go-cart track between their motel and the hardware store. For go-cart enthusiasts, it will be a slick track course. For the confused non-enthusiasts, a slick track means that when you make your turns at speed, you better turn into the skid or you'll find yourself face to face with oncoming traffic. But no matter the case, you will surely have many laughs as you try besting your friends.

This is great news and it is just one more family friendly attraction that is coming to the Island for Summer 2009. Arcades, amusement rides, go-carts equal one thing...let the fun begin this summer in Carolina Beach!!

Photo Credit: Top pic, Bottom pic

Thanks to Drifter's Reef Motel for continuing to invest in the Island and Snow's Cut for keeping us informed via their bi-weekly E-news. Click image to visit their websites.

Carolina Beach's "Film And Fireworks Series" Begins May 24, 2009

The town of Carolina Beach, N.C. will again host its popular "Film and Fireworks Series" this summer, beginning May 24, 2009, weather permitting. Every Sunday throughout the summer, visitors and locals can enjoy free, family-friendly movies at Carolina Beach Lake Park. Every Thursday, a fireworks display will begin at 9 p.m. on the beach near the boardwalk. And again this year, live music will be performed from 6pm to 9 pm as a lead-up to the Thursday fireworks.

"The Film and Fireworks Series is the centerpiece of another summer of affordable fun at Carolina Beach," said Kim Hufham, President/CEO of the Wilmington/Cape Fear Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau. "It's perfect for a long-weekend getaway. You can enjoy live music and a spectacular fireworks display on Thursday; hang out at the beach and other attractions at Carolina Beach on Saturday and during the day Sunday; and cap off the weekend with a free movie in the park on Sunday evening. Since the films, live music and fireworks are all free, it's a great, affordable way for families to have a vacation at the beach."

All the movies are family friendly and concessions will be available at both the film venue and the fireworks. You will be able to purchase popcorn, candy, soft drinks, cotton candy, and more, all at a reasonable price. If you prefer, you may bring your own food and beverages as well.

May 24--BOLT (Memorial Day Weekend), PG
June 7--Secondhand Lions, PG
June 14--Hotel for Dogs, G
June 21--The Tale of Despereaux,G
June 28--Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, PG 13
July 5--Madagascar II (July 4th Weekend), PG
July 12--Pink Panther II, PG
July 19--Space Chimps, G
July 26--Ironman,PG 13
August 2--Monsters vs Aliens, PG
August 9--Journey to the Center of the Earth (in 3D) PG
August 16--The Goonies, PG
August 23--Bedtime Stories, PG
August 30--Wall-E, G
September 6--Night at the Museum II (Labor Day Weekend)

May 7, 2009

Touch of Class Charity Auction May 8th

Join us for the 9th annual Touch of Class Charity Auction brought to you by the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce and the Pleasure Island Foundation. This year's charity event will benefit the Lower Cape Fear Hospice & Life Care Center. Items up for bid include a Napa Valley wine country excursion, a San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf getaway, a white water rafting trip, golf packages and more.

Don't miss this annual, fun-filled event to be held on Friday, May 8th at the Courtyard by Marriott on Carolina Beach. The purchase of your ticket includes butlered appetizers, 2 beer or wine tickets, a Silent Auction, and a Live Auction with opportunities to win trips, art, jewelry, and more. Contact the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce to purchase your ticket today!

A Touch of Class
Annual Charity Auction
$35 Donation
(two beer or wine tickets, tax and gratuity included)
Friday, May 8, 2009
Courtyard by Marriott
Grand Ballroom
100 Charlotte Ave.
Carolina Beach

5:00 - 6:00 Registration
5:00 - 6:30 Butlered Hors d' oeuvres
5:00 - 7:00 Silent Auction
6:00 - 7:30 Dinner
7:30 Live Auction

May 6, 2009

2 Wine Guys @ the Grind Wine Tastings

When is two always better than one? When the wine gurus at 2Wine Guys at the Grind decide to have two wine tastings back to back.

I received an e-mail yesterday from the Wine Guys stating that they will be having two wine tastings this week as they prepare to celebrate their upcoming one year anniversary on May 15th. Following their normal free wine tasting this Thursday, they will follow up with a second one on Friday. The tastings typically run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm...although I've seen them get stretched a little longer to accommodate larger crowds. The second one will feature Australian wines from the Longview Winery.

As some of you may have picked up over time, the Grind is my preferred hangout when the mood for wine strikes. And soon, with a kitchen to open in the next few weeks, it will most certainly be one of my preferred dining hangouts as well. Food and wine, what will they think of next :-))

So if you haven't yet checked out one of their wine tastings, this is the perfect week with two in the pipeline.

Following the tasting, I suggest you get yourself a bottle of your favorite vino and spend some time enjoying their wonderful deck...or as they like to call it, the Tree House. Live music, ocean breezes, and wonderful wine truly make for a perfect evening.

I think I'll stop now, this post is making me thirsty (yes, yet another Seinfeld reference).

PS. Don't forget to check out the annual charity wine tasting at The Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar on May 17th. The event is to help raise funds for area sea turtle rescue/monitoring groups. Click here for details.

Photo Credit: Grind Website

May 5, 2009

Free Tour of Hurricane Hunter Aircraft at ILM this Thursday

The Wilmington Star is reporting that one of NOAA's Hurricane Hunter aircraft will be at ILM (Wilmington International Airport) this Thursday and the crew will be offering free public tours from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Check out the Wilmington Star for more details.

US Postal Service Food Drive this Saturday May 9th

In short, you can help hungry people in your own community by leaving non-perishable food item(s) at your mailbox this Saturday. Mail Carriers will collect the items and they will be distributed to needy individuals in the Wilmington/Pleasure Island community.

US Postal Service Press Release:

NALC Food Drive
Feeding America’s Hungry … Learn how you can help

Every second Saturday in May letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America deliver much more than mail when they walk and drive along their postal routes. They also collect the goodness and compassion of their postal customers who participate in the NALC Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive – the largest one-day food drive in the nation and probably the world.

Entering its 17th year, this year’s drive is May 9. The effort by letter carriers represented by the National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO), with the help of rural letter carriers, other postal employees and numerous other volunteers has resulted in delivery of nearly one billion pounds of donations to community food banks and pantries over the past 16 years.

In 2008, the drive collected 73,113,915 pounds of food for the needy from postal customers. That brought the total for the first 16 years to 909 million pounds.

On May 9, carriers will collect non-perishable food donations left by mailboxes and in post offices and deliver them to local community food banks, pantries and shelters. Nearly 1,500 local NALC branches in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands are involved in the drive.

The U.S. Postal Service and Campbell Soup Company are major supporters again in 2009, cosponsoring the printing of 125 million postcards to encourage the general public to participate in the drive. Campbell Soup also earmarked an additional 1 million pound canned food donation to the drive. Also returning as a major supporter is Cox Target Media and its Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, the nationwide direct mail marketing firm, which promotes the drive on 40 million packets delivered to postal customers.

The drive also relies on the backing of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association, America’s Second Harvest, the nation’s food bank network; the United Way of America and its local United Ways, the AFL-CIO Community Services network, and countless local sponsors.

All citizens need do is to place a box or can of non-perishable food next to their mailbox before their letter carrier delivers mail on Saturday, May 9. The carrier will do all the rest. The food is taken back to a postal station, sorted, and then delivered to an area food bank or pantry. There it is available for needy families.

Some 35.5 million people face hunger every day in America, including 13 million children. This drive is one way people can help those right in their own city or town who need help.

The NALC food drive has received a number of accolades over the years, including two Presidential Certificates of Achievement, a special appreciation award in 2003 from America’s Second Harvest food bank network, the annual Humanitarian of the Year award in 2003 from Bon App├ętit/Food Network, and the annual World Hunger Year/Chapin Award in 2004.

Again, this year’s drive will be held on its traditional second Saturday of May, May 9, 2009.

Help the U.S. Postal Service Stamp Out Hunger!

May 4, 2009

Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher Fishing Reports

If you're looking to do some fishing on Pleasure Island, here are some links that you may find useful. In addition to this post, on the lower left side of the blog is the CBT fishing blogroll which is continually updated as new reports are published.

Fishing Reports/Blogs

Fishing Message Boards (popular/relevant threads)

**If you know of a good site for the list, please send us an email.

2009 Sand Blast Soccer Weekend June 6th and 7th

What better way to kick-off the Summer than soccer on the beach! Come on out to Kure Beach on June 6th and 7th for a fun weekend and enjoy your favorite sport on the best 'field' imaginable. Spectators are encouraged! For the players, the limit is 6 teams per bracket, so register early & reserve your team's place today!

This is a US CLUB SOCCER sanctioned event and is open to any and ALL players and club affiliations; this tournament is not restricted.

Postmark Deadline is May 23

Age Divisions: (click here for age chart)
•Boys Ages 7 -18 (allowed to play-up one age group)
•Girls Ages 7 -18 (allowed to play-up one age group)
•Adult Men & Women - Open / Over 30 / Co-Ed

•4v4 (8 players max. roster per team)
•Guaranteed 3 games (weather permitting)
•Only $35 per player
•1st place medals given in each division

Print and mail application/check to:

PO box 1868
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(Print Application)

For complete information, visit the Pleasure Island Soccer Association website.
Photos from the 2008 Sand Blast (PISA website)

May 1, 2009

Norm the Gator Gets New Lease on Life

Norm the GatorNorm the Gator, who now has over 900 friends on Facebook, has recently received good news regarding his home in Hilton Head, SC. Norm can stay put in his residential neighborhood pond as long as he continues to play nice with his two legged neighbors (and their four legged friends). So for now, Norm avoids the other alternative which involves wallets, belts and cowboy boots.

This story about Norm makes for an appropriate gateway to the following reminder recently issued by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission:

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is reminding residents and visitors that feeding alligators is not only dangerous, but also illegal.

As the weather warms, Wildlife officials receive more reports of people seeing – and feeding – alligators. The American Alligator is listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and, under North Carolina law, it is illegal to feed them in the wild.

In addition, feeding these animals can cause them to lose their fear of people, making them more likely to approach and possibly attack.

For more information on the American Alligator, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s website.
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