April 11, 2009

Nine Foot Alligator Attempts to Overtake NC Fisherman in Ten Foot Boat

Did that title get your attention? Well believe it or not, that's not just a sad attempt at a teaser line...it's a true story and it happened 50 miles to our north in Jacksonville, NC. Although this blog primarily focus on Pleasure Island, every once in awhile a story comes up that begs to be shared.

rowing upstreamAccording to the April 4th, 2009 Jacksonville Daily News, Adam Rush was fishing at a local Jax river when a nine foot alligator, catching rays on the shoreline, took an interest in Adam's catch hanging from his 10 foot boat. As the gator began to near, Adam rudely pulled the fish into the safety of his boat robbing the gator of a fishy treat. Unfortunately for Adam, the gator was not to be rebuffed and tried to saddle up to the dinner table in Adam's boat. Unfortunately for the gator, it's probing head was met with a major wallop from Adam's oar.

alligator pounceBut alas, this would not be a noteworthy story if the gator just swam off. No, this gator would not be deterred and it began circling Adam's boat. Adam, doing his part to ensure that this would be a story to remember, was dead in the water with a kaput boat motor and an oar with no head thanks to the earlier gator whack. What's that saying about being up **** creek without a paddle?

shark rowboatSo as Adam haplessly drifted in his dead boat with the ever present gator circling his wake, he reached for his cell phone and dialed 911 for help. (C'mon, of course the phone worked. This isn't a cheesy Hollywood horror movie.).

By the time the police arrived, Adam had already made it to shore thanks to a friend in a 'working' skiff.

So do we have a happy ending? Well, Adam and his catch were safely on shore and the gator had reverted back to his semi-hibernated state. So at this point, it looked like a happy ending for all.

police ticketBut alas (can you say 'alas' twice in one story?), this tale was to offer one final twist making it a truly memorable alligator story. When the officials arrived to rescue Adam from the hungry crocodilian, they discovered that our overzealous fisherman had kept some undersized fish and he was issued a ticket. Yes, the man who had just narrowly escaped certain death from the crushing jaws of a prehistoric relic was issued a ticket for having some tiny fish.

alligator tearsI'm sure there is a moral to this story but I'm just too bewildered to figure it out. As for Adam, I'm glad he's safe. As for the gator, I bet the poor fellow had a oarable headache.

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