April 17, 2009

A Look Back at Carolina Beach Boardwalk in 1954

Thanks to docKaos from Flickr who allowed me to post these two vintage photos taken from the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. The photos are of his parents during their 1954 honeymoon and were taken before the devastation of Hurricane Hazel which hit in October of the same year.
Carolina Beach Boardwalk VintageCarolina Beach Boardwalk Vintage For an extensive collection of Island vintage photos, make sure to check out the two coffee table books written by local author Daniel Ray Norris.

And speaking of coffee table books, if your interests are more eclectic, make sure to hunt down the coffee table book about coffee table books (I'm told that Ohio University has the only known copy of this vintage collectable). The book was penned and designed by the renowned author and inventor, Cosmo Kramer. Now what made this book truly revolutionary for it's time was that the book itself actually became its own coffee table. Yes, its own coffee table book. I know, it still blows the mind to even think about it.

The book was first dramatically unveiled on the Regis and Kathie Lee variety show in early 1932. Unfortunately, during the live show, there was an ill-fated beverage accident causing the mortified author to enter seclusion shortly afterwards. And although he lived the remainder of his life as a reclusive soul, we were able to uncover this extremely rare photo of the truly genius author.

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