April 5, 2009

From Britt's Donuts to New Paint, Activity at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Springs Forward

Activity at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk is in full motion. When spring hits the Island, you regularly see homeowners and business owners sprucing up their properties for the summer. And this year is no different especially on our town's boardwalk where there is a flurry of activity.

Britts DonutsBut first, I must mention that Britt's Donuts has opened their doors for the 2009 summer season. From now until Memorial Day, Britt's will be opened on weekends with their normal hours of 8:30am to 11:00pm. And then starting on Memorial Day weekend, they will revert to the summer schedule of being open seven days a week.

Britts Donuts menuFor the ever faithful Britt's fans I must let you know that their menu will be a bit different this year than it was last...it will be a year older. Seriously, you can rest assured that Britt's is continuing the tradition of having the most succinct menu on the island. (Click any pic for fullsize)

On the south end of the Boardwalk, Dan Wilcox has been busy refurbishing his two story building next to the gazebo area. As you can see from yesterday's photos, Dan and his crew were busy livening up the corner property with dynamic Caribbean colors and Bahama Shutters. This morning, I was really surprised to see the progress that they had already made (the photo on the right was taken this morning).
Carolina Beach Boardwalk
Big World PhotoDan has two units at street level. One is still available for rent while the other has already found a home with a tenant who happens to be a perfect fit for the boardwalk. Lorri, a local artist/photographer has opened up her studio, Big World Photo. If you've never seen her work, you really need to stop by and check out her gallery. Her artwork can best be described in her own words as taken from her website:

Big World Photo Carolina Beach"I have been dabbling in photography for many years. Depictions of happy or humorous characters have always caught my attention in all art mediums. Matching "what if" ideas with the perspective of large and small opens up a huge world of photo opportunities. My macro photos are a mix of miniature figures posed in clever situations. My goal is to make you think, and then smile."

On the ocean side of the boardwalk, next to Olde Saltys Restaurant, another boardwalk unit is being completely renovated. Progress on the building (on the right) is moving along quickly and I've heard from several sources that the building is going to be home to a Pilates exercise studio. But that is no means definitive as other rumors have circulated suggesting something different. But no matter what type of business takes over the space, it's great to see the building being renovated.

On the north side of the Boardwalk across from Wheel Fun Rentals, a icy treat shop is getting ready to open (building on the left). I'm told they are going to have Italian ice type treats which should be warmly welcomed by Summer tourists...or should that be 'cooly' welcomed? Painting on the building is expected to start any day now. And right next door to this building is the old market shop. Going into that building is the arcade business that used to be housed across from Blackhorn.

So finally that takes us to the now vacant arcade building near the center of the boardwalk. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything about this place...the building is pretty raggedy looking and has been an eyesore on our boardwalk for some time. It's empty now but I hear that there are some interested parties looking at it. But no matter who may end up leasing it, the building owner needs to step up as a member of the boardwalk commuunity and improve the outside of the building sooner rather than later. No more excuses, a few buckets of paint just isn't that expensive.

So that's a quick run down of some of the boardwalk activity. None of what I've mentioned includes any of the work that the Boardwalk Makeover group is preparing to do in the coming weeks. Not only are they planning on doing a lot more landscaping, painting and decorating, they have really raised the bar for
activities and entertainment.

So if you haven't been to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk lately, you sure are missing some fun. Good things are happening on the Island!

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