April 3, 2009

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Gears Up for the 2009 Season

Once again, the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue (CBOR) is gearing up for this year's summer season. Last month, they held tryouts and now potential guards will have to complete a minimum of 72 hours of intense training as dictated by the United States Lifesaving Association.

Last year, CBOR had a busy season as they logged a total of 321 calls for service. Included in the calls for service were 77 Rip Current rescues, 30 Other Water calls, 190 Medical calls and 15 Missing Child calls. Kure Beach Lifeguards also had an active season as they logged 75 Rip Current rescues, 27 Other Water calls, 27 Medical calls and 9 Missing Child calls.

Although not nearly enough, we occasionally hear about the great work that the Pleasure Island Lifeguards are doing; however, we seldom get to see firsthand the lengths these men and women go to accomplish their mission. The other day, while looking through Flickr.com, I came across a series of photos of a 2005 Carolina Beach ocean rescue. The photographer was nice enough to permit me to post his photos.

As you can see from the photos, the victim was quite a distance out. The responding lifeguards had to be in excellent shape to reach this guy as he drifted on his raft. It appears that as the lifeguard was nearing the beach with the victim, an Ocean Rescue boat providing backup was responding as well.

Here is the photographer's description of the incident:
While walking along the Carolina Beach boardwalk one evening, I saw a swimmer who was out really far from shore. A short time later several EMTs and lifeguards arrived to rescue the guy.

Thanks to xhtmled for allowing the use of his photos. Here is a link to the original photos on Flickr. com
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