April 11, 2009

The Boardwalk Makeover Group Needs Help with BINGO

As most of you are probably already aware, the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover group is undertaking an ambitious plan with this year's boardwalk entertainment and they have just put out a call for help with the BINGO program.

If anyone can help with equipment or with donations, please get in contact with the POC.

The Boardwalk Makeover Crew is finalizing plans for all of this summer's exciting events. One of the things that we are very excited about is our sponsorship of "Adult Cash Bingo and Kids Bingo on the Boardwalk." To this end we are beginning to collect Bingo Supplies. If you or anyone that you know has information on where we could rent, buy, or have donated the following items, please email Tamara at tamaracb1@gmail.com.

25 tables(6x3)
100 folding Chairs
Bingo Board (not hardwired) and all Bingo Supplies (spinning cage, balls, etc...)
An enclosed trailer (5x10) or (6x12)

The Boardwalk Makeover is a not for profit 501(3)(c) entity and a portion of all donations is deductible. See boardwalkmakeover.org for more information.

Anyone who has a business which caters to children, has expertise in children's activities or would like to sponsor activities or equipment for children, please let us know. This is a "community coming together" and we would love for as many folks as possible to come together this summer at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Email the volunteer coordinator at

Thanx so much,
Tamara Cairns
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