March 7, 2009

Willkommen auf der Promenade

Huh? That's German for Welcome to the Boardwalk (or so says Google translator). A new business is on the way for the boardwalk, Mein Stein, and it will be occupying the space that used to house the Go-Karts. According to the owner, Darrell Rackley, who is very busy working with his wife on the interior of the building, it will be a family friendly business with a German twist. There will be games for people of all ages, including shuffle board, pool, video games and various old fashioned low tech games of fun. The bottom line, he wants to have a place that people can come and have a good time. And if you have ever seen Mr. Rackley doing his impersonation of Elvis, then you know he is a guy that likes to have fun and make people smile.

The menu will offer some favorite German offerings including brauts and kraut (my personal fave.) He didn't mention what German beers he might offer but I'm sure whatever they are, they will complement the food. And if you like German music, then this will be the place for you.

They hope to obtain their ABC license and officially open by April 14th. But until then, they plan on having a limited opening in the near future offering games and refreshments. We wish them well and look forward to checking them out.
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