March 14, 2009

Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun 2009 Photos

Here a few random photos from today's race. I heard that there were well over 1,000 sign-ups which speaks volumes when you consider that it was an unusually cold and damp morning with temps in the mid 40's.

Despite the temperature it appeared that everyone had a good time (I know I did) and following the race, there was a festive amount of 'Irish' style refreshments consumed as people made there way to nearby boardwalk taverns. Festive amount? You can figure that one out.

(Leprechaun on a Harley to escort the 5k participants)
Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun

(The 10k runners in full stride)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun (The 5K runners/walkers begin)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun (Irish music for the finish)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun(People gathering for the award ceremony)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun(The finish times are posted)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun(Handing out the awards--now to the beer!)Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Lotiderun

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