March 21, 2009

Right Whales on the Rebound

If you followed the news this year about Right Whale beachings, you might get the impression that the future for this species is rather dismal. But that is not the case, things are beginning to notably improve for our slippery friends.

This year, researchers recorded the births of 39 Right Whale calves which surpassed the 2001 record of 31.

“It’s a bumper year for calves,” Richard Merrick, an oceanographer for NOAA’s fisheries service, said in an interview. “That’s a good sign.”

Actually, it’s one of so many good signs that researchers are beginning to hope that for the first time in centuries things are looking up for the right whale. They say the species offers proof that simple conservation steps can have a big impact, even for species driven to the edge of oblivion.

here to read the full NYT article which includes photos & videos

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Photo Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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