March 19, 2009

Kudos to 2 Wine Guys at the Grind

Looks like the 2 Wine Guys have created some Island buzz for Carolina Beach. In Shawn's weekly email, he mentioned that the music duo of Everly had an impromptu practice session at their wine bar Friday night. In case you haven't heard of Everly (check out the lower right side bar), they are a duo featuring the talented Bethany Joy Galeotti (of One Tree Hill fame) and Amber Sweeney (a long standing performer hailing from Washington state).

After putting out his email, the blog entry was picked up by the Wilmington Star and then the story went viral as the Everly/One Tree Hill fanbase picked up the story. Shawn mentioned that his blog is now getting flooded with hits from all over the globe reflecting the wide appeal of Everly.

It's nice when a local island shop can garner this type of attention and it showcases the wide range of attraction that our island offers. In other words, Carolina Beach is a pretty cool place!

So in case you haven't seen the 2 Wine Guys blog entry (including pictures of the performance), check them out.

Everly will be performing at Nashville Songwriter festival on April 4th:

The Rutledge
April 4, 2009
Tickets $10.00
Performances by Jeff Cohen, Jaron (Evan & Jaron), Lila McCann, Everly (Bethany Joy Galeotti & Amber Sweeney)
For more information:
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