March 4, 2009

Fort Fisher Aquarium Has a New Resident

albino alligator
The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher has acquired a new resident and Aquarium staff are hopeful that their $25,000 investment will payoff with additional visitors. The resident is a 5 foot, pink eyed, toothy, albino alligator. And at only 20lbs, you might even describe her as dainty or as Steve Irwin might have summed it up, "isn't she a beauty mate?" But she is more than just a beauty, she is a rarity. Aquarium curator Hap Fatzinger has noted that albino alligators are so rare that there are only 30 to 50 in existence.

The Aquarium, like many area attractions, is feeling the pinch from the economy downturn and they need our support more then ever. S0 when you have some free time, wander over and check out the newest member of the Fort Fisher crocodilian family.

EDIT: I just received the following information from Amy Kilgore, Public Relations Coordinator, regarding the naming of the alligator:

Yes, we are having an alligator naming contest. It starts this weekend for Scales and Tails Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm. Then, we'll take entries online from April 1 - May 1. The winner will be announced in June when the exhibit opens. Winner gets bragging rights.

Wilmington Star story including video, go
Photo Credit: Nat'l Geo Albino Gator picture
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