March 27, 2009

Clouds at Fort Fisher Make for a Wonderful Morning.

Although it was a cloudy, dreary and sometimes rainy morning, I decided to go for a 4X4 drive at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. As I headed out the door, I grabbed my camera just in case something ended up catching my eye. Considering the weather, I wasn't expecting much in the way of photos but by the end of the drive, I sure was happy that I had brought it along. It turned out to be a wonderful morning for photos.

BTW, I was able to identify the birds using the website listed in the
'What is that bird?' post. If not for that site, I would have never known I was looking at an American Oystercatcher.

(Click any pic to enlarge)
fort fisher basin

(Basin stillness)

water reflections (Morning reflections)

pelicans in flight(Eleven pelicans in flight--one could not be faulted for thinking they were watching the Blue Angles)

American Oystercatchers (American Oystercatchers patrolling the beach)

Laughing Gull (Laughing Gull taking beach reservations)

pelicans flying (Ahhh, so this is where Pelicans hang when they are not fishing. Just off to the right you can faintly see the Bald Head Island lighthouse.)

Ibises, Great Egret(Enough with your pics, time to move on)

ocean driftwood (Two Ibises and a Great Egret on the breakfast hunt. The building in the background is the Fort Fisher Aquarium.)

kayak basin(12 foot piece of driftwood. It has been on the beach for several months awaiting the next storm tide.)

kayak seagull (Kayaks weaving through the creeks that lead to the Basin)

(The welcome home party. Kayakers -in the background- returning to the Fort Fisher boat ramp area)

(It may be cloudy but this group of school children found the right breeze to test their kite skills in front of the Park's Visitor Center.)
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