March 8, 2009

Central Business District Streetscape Designs

Here are drawings of the proposed streetscape for the Central Business District. They are in draft form and are subject to change. Personally, I like the look and believe the project would greatly add to the downtown area. Losing a travel lane in each direction would definitely cause some travel issues but big picture, it will encourage more people to use other modes of transportation. And since the island has a bypass, people can always use Dow Road to avoid the Carolina Beach downtown area if in a hurry.

The advantages of these designs are many. Restaurants along the main avenue would be able to offer roomy outdoor seating. Pedestrians would be able to move about without feeling crowded. Cyclist would easily be able to move through the CBD without causing traffic issues or endangering pedestrians. Visually, it would draw tourist to the area to shop our stores and dine in our restaurants. And lastly, Lake Park Blvd is our 'main' street and amping it up to this level would greatly set the feel for the entire island.

Below are the current plans. You can click the pictures to open a larger version in Internet Explorer. From there, you can further enlarge the picture by adjusting the zoom level in the lower right corner.

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