March 6, 2009

Carolina Beach State Park: Fires, Dredging & Sunken Boats

Carolina Beach State Park has been a busy place lately. The marina renovations are well underway. All the old boat slips have been removed and crews are currently dredging the marina. During the dredging process, crews came across an old sunken skiff that needed to be pulled out of the marina. (The marina is expected to reopen early next year).

This afternoon, the park is undergoing a controlled burn to rid the area of underbrush. The smoke is quite pronounced against the sheer blue sky and it is attracting the attention of many onlookers who are trying to figure out if they need to pack their belongings and head for wetter ground.

(Dredging operations)

(Images of the undersea surprise)

(Carolina Beach State Park Controlled Burn)

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