March 3, 2009

Carolina Beach Commercial Building Permits on the Rise

I rec'd the following email from Mike K. who is a business owner and resident of Carolina Beach (I added the pics/graph/links):

Thought you might like a little positive news,

For the 2007-2008 season thru March 2, 2008 There were 131 permits in Carolina Beach of which 48 were commercial. For the 2008-2009 season thru March 2, 2009 There were 190 permits in Carolina Beach of which 75 were commercial.

In the face of all the negative economic indicators nationally, our island is showing a rather robust economic response. Investment in our island is bucking the trend. Investors are well aware of all the proposed projects that are in store for our island. Propose to build a new Hilton Hotel and a new NC Aquarium pier on our small island and they will come.

The path of progress toward our island is developing: Wilmington is looking at annexing Monkey Junction, the investment in that area along the path to our island has not gone unnoticed. I am sure the real-estate sales and potential retail sales from all the new stores in the pipe line are starting to look like a pretty ripe plum, these indicators are not to be taken lightly.

“The Cottage” in Carolina Beach will be re-opening this summer as "Havana's." The new owner, Pete Donat, was the general manager of the Oceanic Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach for roughly the last 15 years. The Oceanic was a part of the Atlantic Quest Restaurant group, which was recently bought by an even bigger restaurant group out of Raleigh. Pete sold his share and struck out on his own. After looking from Surf City to Oak Island for a new location he found “the Cottage”. Pete Donat’s investment in our island should not be taken lightly being a partner in the Atlantic Quest Restaurant Group should resonate loudly with any business owner in our area who is looking to follow a winner. Many of us have been regular patrons at his chain of restaurants for years.
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