March 20, 2009

Boardwalk Makeover 2009--Let the Fun Begin!

(e-mail from the Carolina Beach Makeover group)


Carolina Beach BoardwalkIts time to begin our 2009 program for improvements and entertainment!! This is going to be one great summer at our "island's living room" (The Boardwalk). While we have several substantial Boardwalk improvements scheduled for this year, we have increased our efforts on activities and entertainment events for our visitors and locals. This includes the following:

Carolina Beach BoardwalkThursday night Bands and Fireworks.
Friday evening Shag/Beach music at the Gazebo with dancing and demonstrations.
Saturday kids open air bingo (early evening), Jazz Under the Stars (at the beach stage late evening).
Sunday Trop-Rock (Jimmy Buffet type music) at the Gazebo before the Sunday movies at the lake,

Britt's DonutsTuesday family nights, with amusements and activities for families.
Wednesday evening, adult open-air bingo.
So you see we have a lot of great events planned!

The updates will be coming more frequently now as we launch our volunteer teams and finalize the improvement and event calendars.

Carolina Beach BoardwalkThe first thing we want to get everyone involved in is the creation of the Boardwalk Summer Slogan, to brand the Boardwalk and our Summer Season of Events. (See Below)
Once we have the slogan we will be having another contest to incorporate the slogan into a new t-shirt/merchandise design.

Carolina Beach BoardwalkSUMMER SLOGAN CONTEST
The BWM Group would like you to submit slogans for this summer's promotion of the Boardwalk. We would like a slogan that can be used on our advertisements, t-shirts, etc. that conveys the spirit of the Beach and Boardwalk, especially as it relates to this years events.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk We are awarding a gift basket of cash and prizes valued at $150 for the winning slogan. We are looking for a catchy slogan, that will brand this years events, but that people would also like to see on t-shirts and other novelty items. The slogan could be nostalgic and reminiscent of past days when we had amusements and the Boardwalk was crowded, or it could be something more current.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk
We'd like your suggestion no later than next Friday (March 27). The winning slogan will become this years promotional phrase so please submit your name and contact information along with your slogan!!

These slogans will be associated with the Boardwalk Makeover Project. As an example: The Boardwalk Makeover Project presents "Classic Beach Days" at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, etc...

So let's fire up those creative brains and find our slogan !!!! To enter, please email your suggestion to

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

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