January 10, 2009

A Tribute to Pat Hingle (1924-2009)

The following blog entry was from the Life Stage Videography blog.

Back in June 2008, the blog author was asked to film a gala and celebration kicking off the weekend of (WiFi), Wilmington in the Film Industry. In addition, the gathering also honored the life and service of actor Pat Hingle.

The blog author ended his post with this paragraph:

This is a short clip from his keynote speech. It was moving and heartfelt. I hadn’t even looked at the footage I had captured until I heard of his death. but it was hard to not shed a tear for this man after hearing what he said that night. I think his legacy is HUGE, and its amazing how many people he has positively affected. Enjoy this clip, and spread it along to others. What he says will touch us all.

A Tribute to Pat Hingle - (1924-2009) from Matt Davis on Vimeo.
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