January 4, 2009

The Grove Project: "Carolina Beach is so Cool."

Check out the latest posting from the 'Grove Project' on biking in Carolina Beach. The author gives a very nice description of his family's visit as they set out on bikes and explored the island.

This posting is yet another positive example of the impact that the Island Greenway will/can have on our island and on our merchants.

Bike trails are a wonderful tourist draw...even in the off-season. When you consider the dearth of biking trails in the Wilmington area, having a nearly 10 mile trail cutting across Pleasure Island would surely become a regional recreational asset for the entire community.

Even now, the current Island Greenway attracts visitors as shown by the article, "Our family went for a bike ride this Saturday morning, our purpose to follow the Island Greenway out of Carolina Beach State Park as far south as it would go." Now just imagine if the trail actually connected both ends of the island.

Throughout the area, word is getting out about the Greenway initiative. Momentum is building. We just need our elected officials to assist making this wonderful idea a reality. The CB Town Council has shown it's support. Now it is time for the KB Council to do the same. The tireless volunteers at the Island Greenway organization can't do this alone. Let's band together as a community and make this happen.

The time is now.

Grove Project: Biking Carolina Beach

PS. Nice props for the 2 Wine Guys at The Grind as well.
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