January 22, 2009

Check out the the Best Wine Tasting in the Entire Wilmington Area and Visit 2 Wine Guys @ the Grind on Thursday Nights

Don't worry, this picture is from the other day. Tonight should be clear and in the 40's.

If you haven't been to the Grind for their weekly wine tastings then you are really missing out. Before any wines make it to their tastings, the wine guys personally taste and approve the selections. So have no fear, you can always be assured that the wines offered will be solid. And while you taste the different selections, you can enjoy the live music.

The Grind is quickly becoming a hotspot for locals and you'll most likely bump into someone that you know. In addition to the wine tastings on Thursday, they offer live music on Friday and Saturday nights as well. If someone in you party is not a 'wine' person, they also have beer, soda and really good coffee drinks.

So now is the perfect time to check out the place before the summer crowds start arriving. Get a bottle, sit on the porch and enjoy the evening. If it's a bit chilly, they'll fire up the outdoor heater and all will be well. Of course, you can always grab a seat on the inside and watch the wine guys do their thing.
So if you haven't checked them out, you really ought to make it a point. Visit the 2 Wine Guys at the Grind blog for more information. And like Shawn always says...stop on by and let him pour you a glass.

PS. I haven't been compensated to write this (or any other post). I'm just a big fan of the shop and want to see these guys continually do well. But I suppose I do have a secondary, selfish reason for giving them a shout out...I really enjoy expanding my wine palate and these guys just make it fun!
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