January 4, 2009

Carolina Beach Resident Pat Hingle Dies at Age 84

Star News Article about his death

As a veteran of numerous feature films and Broadway plays, he was recently honored with a star on the Wilmington Walk of Fame.

Mr. Hingle was very fond of his adopted home, Carolina Beach, and in an earlier interview with Amy Hotz of the Wilmington Star, he recounted how be came to live on the island.

"On Oct. 25, 1979, Hingle married Julie Wright. The couple moved from state to state following Hingle’s film and television projects. In 1985, a Stephen King feature called "Maximum Overdrive" brought them to Wilmington and its blossoming film industry. Hingle played a truck stop diner manager who was one of several people held hostage by demon-possessed machinery.

While here, the couple stayed in a condo at Carolina Beach.

Several years later, when Hingle decided to retire, he and his wife considered moving to various states they had visited through his work. The Wilmington area’s beaches, strong theater community and temperate climate won out, and they built their dream home at Carolina Beach.

During an interview this October about his acceptance into the Wilmington Walk of Fame, Hingle spoke candidly about his sickness, his past and his life in Carolina Beach.

“I really do believe there was a divine hand that headed me here,” he said. “I am happy that I think it’s going to end here.”

The island has lost a wonderful ambassador and friend. He will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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