January 31, 2009

All Aboard...Fort Fisher Ferry To Reopen Feb 2nd

After two months of repair work on the ferry's loading ramps, the Fort Fisher Ferry will reopen for business on February 2nd.

Without the ferry in operation, one of our clutch 'visitor' days was lost. Whenever someone comes to visit us, we always make it a point to take them over to Southport on the ferry. We spend a few hours looking around town and then drive up to Orton Plantation to check out the gardens and live oaks. After Orton, we sneak over to one of the nearby water holes where consistently you can spot a 6'+ alligator lurking along the shoreline. And usually, he has a few friends nearby who are also eager to check you out.

After gator spotting, we continue north and head over the Cape Fear bridge and visit downtown Wilmington for sightseeing and dinner at one of the many wondeful restaurants (the German Cafe in the Cotton Exchange is one of our favorites). Once finished, it's back to Pleasure Island with some very happy and very tired guests. It's a wonderful way to spend a day!
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