September 29, 2008

North End of Carolina Beach Floods Following 'No-Name' Nor'easter Storm

Here are some videos showing the recent flood damage on the north end of Carolina Beach following the recent no-name nor'eastern storm which hit here on September 25th. The flooding damage from this storm was far greater than the damage from Tropical Storm Hanna which paid us a visit earlier this month.

Thank you to karva89 and rudisill49 for sharing these videos.

September 27, 2008

My Two Cents: Stop Throwing Roadblocks at the Hilton Garden Inn

I wholeheartedly agree with the Letter to the Editor written by Mr. Arthur to the Island Gazette on 09/24/2008. Unfortunately, his words fell on death ears as the Coastal Resources Commission have since sided with PACE (Preservation and Accountability for our Coastal Environment) and have created yet another nettlesome roadblock for the Hilton Garden Inn representatives.

As a Carolina Beach homeowner and taxpayer, I'm growing weary of the financial weight that we are all feeling as we undergoe necessary town improvements. We need to seek out and court new businesses that will help draw additional tax revenues to help fund these & future infrastructure projects.

A hotel project like the Hilton Garden Inn is exactly what we need to increase our town's overall tax base . It is exactly what we need to bring in a new generation of visitors to shop at our stores, visit our attractions and dine at our wonderful restaurants. The Hilton Garden Inn is exactly what we need on the north end of the boardwalk as we move forward with the goals of the Master Development Plan.

So people, please stop quibbling over 10' and allow this project to quickly move forward. As it stands now, we are 18 months to two years away from this project being completed. To put it in simpler terms, we are two years away from me being able to enjoy an evening cocktail at the hotel's ocean side tiki bar. So if you tell me I'm going to have to wait longer than two years, I'm apt to get a bit grumpy.


Island Gazette, Wednesday, 24 September 2008

We Want This Project To Proceed Full Speed Ahead

Dear Mr. Christenbury (North Carolina Division of Coastal Management):

It appears to me and I think the vast majority of my fellow Carolina Beach residents that government bureaucracy and a few backward minded people once again want to deny good things for Carolina Beach. The Hilton Garden Inn project is one that every Carolina Beach citizen that I have talked to welcomes and I spoke with many at the various meetings prior to the project being approved. Hilton Gardens is the type of project that will help our town grow and which will also improve our town’s infrastructure by using a good deal of someone else’s money other than the average tax payer footing the whole bill.

This whole fuss is about Hilton Gardens needing to add about 10 feet to several items on the roof of the hotel in order to comply with the bureaucratic “mumbo jumbo” that was referred to above. Listen, this project is good for Carolina Beach and our citizens. PACE’s attorney, Dan Bell, Esq., has brought forth a lot more “mumbo jumbo” legal tactics in order to delay the building of the Hilton Gardens project. That’s what it is, nothing more nothing less. If these misguided individuals have their way, Carolina Beach will be denied another chance to get a first class project that will benefit our town and our citizens.

We strongly urge the State Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) to approve Carolina Beach Town Council’s request to approve this amendment to Carolina Beach’s CAMA Land Use Plan. The opposition to this amendment has brought only procedural issues to CRC’s attention in order to block the amendment approval. We the citizens of Carolina Beach don’t care if the skylights, elevator, antenna or parapet wall is 10 feet higher. Heck, no one will ever see it anyway except maybe an airplane pilot. CRC and Mr. Christenbury, we want this project to proceed full speed ahead. We want progress and advancement and good things for our citizens here in Carolina Beach no matter what a few people say.

Respectfully yours,
H. Mark Arthur
Carolina Beach, NC

Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project With Another Successful Season

(Picture from the Sea Turtle Project website)

Looking at the Sea Turtle Project website, it looks like Carolina Beach had a total of eight nests and Kure Beach had nine nests during the 2008 nesting season.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work in protecting the next generation of loggerhead sea turtles. On any given summer day, they often walk many, many miles in all types of weather. But I suppose the payoff for their sore feet and early wake up times is eventually watching their tiny protectees heading off to the deep blue sea.

A few sea turtle facts from the website:
*Female loggerhead sea turtles lay an average of 120 eggs in each nest and may nest up to 7 times in one season.
*When resting, sea turtles can hold their breath for several hours.
*Sea Turtles reach sexual maturity around 25 years

To see all the wonderful pictures from this years nesting season, please visit their website:

September 26, 2008

Wilmington Star: CRC rejects Carolina Beach request to increase hotel height limits

A push by Carolina Beach to increase the maximum height limit for hotels in its central business district by 10 feet has been rejected by the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission.

But the decision wasn’t based on any disagreement with the town’s desire to boost a hotel’s height beyond 115 feet to allow “appurtenances,” such as roof-mounted air-conditioning units. It was rejected on a technicality.

State regulators said Carolina Beach hadn’t properly advertised the proposed change, which the town council passed Aug. 22. Specifically, Carolina Beach’s initial advertisement of the land-use change didn’t include language stating that written comments could be submitted to coastal regulators even if the amendment was adopted by the town...

Full Story

September 24, 2008

Kure Beach Town Council Speaks Up on the Proposed Island Greenway Bike Trail

Without exception, the entire Council is against the proposed Greenway in its current form. They have requested the Town's Park and Recreation Committee work with the Greenway representatives before any further recommendations are made to Council.

Although they all publicly state that they support some form of a bike path, some of their comments in today’s Gazette give me pause.

The following summarized comments were taken from the September 24th Island Gazette. The actual minutes from the September 16th meeting are not yet available online. (I will post a link to the minutes when they become available):

Councilman Nelder: The Dow Road corridor is the only acceptable route for a bike path.

Councilman Lamberth: The Snow’s Cut Bridge is in need of repair and that the bridge should be fixed prior to any bike path. He does not support a bike path behind homes in the Sunny Point firebreak. He suggested that the Committee work on alternative plans but added that the Town and County have no funding available. He also added that the Dow Road extension and the bike path would not be completed during his lifetime because there is no funding for either project.

Councilman Vatrt: There is no funding in the town’s budget for any project of this nature. He endorses the concept of a bike path but doesn’t support a bike path as currently proposed in the firebreak. “I think that is just unacceptable.”

Councilman Dugan: Opposes the current plan in the firebreak area. He supports a trail on Dow Road or a river bike path.

Mayor Montgomery: Feels there are alternatives to the proposed plan noting that citizens are riding and walking on residential streets in public, not along a path where someone may fall or be subject to some situation in an area that is so far out of site of the rest of the community. He also noted that there are no funds in the budget to clean, maintain or patrol a bike path.

For the full article, see today’s paper or wait until Saturday when the article will be available online.

September 23, 2008

Carolina Beach Town Council Seeks Volunteers for Master Development Plan

Master Development Plan Implementation Committee

The Carolina Beach Town Council is seeking applicants to serve on a newly formed Master Development Plan Implementation Committee. This committee will work at the pleasure of the Town Council. Duties may include but are not limited to: plan promotion, fund raising, business and developer recruitment, review and recommendations regarding key capital projects, seeking grant funds and State or Federal appropriations, assisting in the implementation of plan elements, and meeting with key stake holders to facilitate the implementation of the plan. The Town Council is seeking a pool of applicants with diverse backgrounds such as: architect/engineer, real estate, finance, art/cultural, recreation, business owners, property owners in the CBD, and resident stakeholders. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2008. Applications can be found at or by contacting the Town of Carolina Beach at (910)458-2996.

Outgrown Your Fishing Gear? Donate Your Old Rod & Reel to the Fort Fisher Aquarium

huge fish
The Aquarium at Fort Fisher has an excellent program where you can donate your old rod & reel and it will be passed on to needy youngsters who want to experience the same joy of fishing. And to show their appreciation for your goodwill, the Aquarium will extend to you a free admission pass.

So next time you decide to upgrade your fishing gear, think of the kids and donate your old rod and reel.

Click here for information on the Aquarium program

photo credit

September 22, 2008

Erin's Restaurant Review: Silver Dollar

(Review based on Erin's visit in July 2008)
4 out of 5 stars...

What a night. This bar and the one next to it are so much fun! About as Carolina Beach as you can get. They both do karaoke on the weekends. This place was slammed with people when our party of 12 first showed up. But, as the night wore on, it thinned out and we ended up having a really great time. The place is kept really clean and the staff does a good job of keeping the riff-raff out.

The bathroom sink is outside the bathroom. Like, there's a men's bathroom and a women's bathroom. And then you walk out of the bathroom into the bar to wash your hands. It's the strangest thing. It's the same way next door. I guess they think people will wash their hands more if they're being watched?

Silver Dollar
3 Cape Fear Blvd
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-0977

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September 21, 2008

Kure Beach Town Council Votes 'No' on the Current Island Greenway Project

A bump in the road for the proposed Greenway bike path between Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher, but it is not over there.

Kure Beach town council members voted unanimously to let some air out of the tires for designers of the proposed Greenway bike trail. Despite rejecting plans for the proposed path, Mayor Mac Montgomery said the town fully supports the idea of a bike path, just not this one....

September 20, 2008

Tangerine Caribbean Grill Is Now Open

I'm sure everyone on the island is aware that Carolina Beach's newest restaurant, Tangerine Caribbean Grill, is now open. They opened the doors this past Monday and offered free food to the lucky several hundred that showed up for the opening. And although they ran out of certain selections, I'm told that the opening was a big hit. Judging be the crowd last evening, they appear to building some 'regular' customers already.

As of today, they are still operating on a limited menu but by this Monday, they should be serving their full menu. I had a sneak peak at the menu and they have an interesting and varied menu. I look forward to sampling their menu in the coming months.

Sneak Peak Photos

Read the Carolina Beach Today Review

September 13, 2008

Hazel Hit the Coastal Carolinas as a Category 4 Hurricane in October 1954

Here is an interesting blog entry from yesterday discussing the book, Making a Difference in North Carolina. The blog author discusses the chapter on Hurricane Rita and some of the destruction caused by the mid October storm. In addition, there are several historical pictures showing storm damage to Carolina Beach. It is definitely worth a look.

A Whale of a Storm

September 12, 2008

My Two Cents: Now the Gas Hoopla Starts in Carolina Beach

(Exxon on Lake Park Blvd at 5:30pm)

So alas, the gas 'crisis' is now here. Just today we have seen gas rise by 10% (both stations on Lake Park are now at 3.95 for regular) and some stations are requesting that we limit our purchase to ten gallons. The 5:00 news showed lines forming at a few lower priced stations and there are reports that some stations (somewhere) have run out of gas.

On the other side of the coin, we have AAA telling us not to top off our tanks because we are creating a crisis when one doesn't exist. They tell us to conserve fuel and wait until we know the true impact of Ike on our fuel supply. Unfortunately, if you do wait a day or two you may end up paying in the $4's for gas. Generally speaking, consumers prefer to lock in lower prices.

So who makes money from this spike? I'm pretty sure the stations are doing well as they are selling the same gas that was in their tanks yesterday for 10% more today. If they were able to sell it yesterday for 10% cheaper and make a profit, today must be a gift. I'm sure the suppliers are happy as well as they too will enjoy these new found profits.

So what can one do? Conserve gas and dust off your bikes for local trips? I suppose. But if that is not practical, you can always consider a horse now that the North End is fair game. I personally would consider a dog sled team but I've been told they tend to bog down in the sand.

Well, enough of this moan...I'll just leave you with one question. In the last 24 hours, gas prices have risen by over 10% and they will most likely continue rising tomorrow. So once the uncertainty of Ike passes, will the powers to be allow the gas prices to fall just as quickly as they rose?

PS. The Tangerine Grill is not open today as was rumored earlier. They still have "Opening Soon" on their front sign.

PPS. Keep the people in Eastern Texas in your thoughts and prayers. If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross.

Ike Creating Gas Concerns. Stations in Carolina Beach Not Showing Any Impact.

I received a call from a friend in Raleigh and he mentioned that were growing lines at Raleigh service stations and some of the stations were allowing only 10 gallons of gas per customer. Out of curiosity, I went down to the two stations on Lake Park Blvd. Both stations have gas priced under $3.80 a gallon and there were no restrictions on gas purchases. Although, there appeared to be a few more customers than normal.

AP reports of the gas rationing in Sanford, NC

September 11, 2008

Island Greenway Article in Wilmington Star

Many Pleasure Island residents want a bike and walking trail connecting Snow’s Cut to Fort Fisher.

Where that trail should go, however, has become a matter of debate...

Wilmington Star 9/11/08 Article

Here are my thoughts on the Island Greenway.

'Queen Anne’s Revenge' Public Presentation in Southport

For history or dive entusiast, this may be of interest:

Queen Anne’s Revenge Project Director Mark Wilde-Ramsing will speak about annual fall dive on the shipwreck of the presumed Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s flagship, on Tuesday, Sept. 16. The 7 p.m. public presentation at the Southport Community Building on Bay Street is sponsored by the N.C. Maritime Museum in Southport. Registration is recommended and refreshments are provided.

Primary goals for the fall dive include rescue a large cannon, recovery of other artifacts and an investigation of the midsection and forward hold areas of the ship. Wilde-Ramsing will review past dives and recovery missions as part of the 2008 N.C. Department of Cultural Resources theme, “Telling Our Stories.”

For additional information and registration, call the Maritime Museum at 910-457-0003. The N.C. Maritime Museum is part of the Division of State History Museums in the Department of Cultural Resources, a state agency dedicated to the promotion and protection of North Carolina’s arts, history and culture. Now podcasting 24/7 with information about the Department of Cultural Resources, all available at

In November 1717, English pirates captured the French slave-ship La Concorde near the island of Martinique. Led by the notorious Blackbeard, the pirates converted La Concorde into their flagship and renamed the vessel Queen Anne's Revenge. After spending the winter searching for prizes in the Caribbean the pirate fleet consisting of Queen Anne's Revenge and three smaller sloops, blockaded the port of Charleston in May 1718. Continuing up the coast, Blackbeard lost his flagship after it ran aground while attempting to enter Beaufort Inlet, NC.

September 9, 2008

Both Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Will Remove TS Hanna Storm Debris

For Carolina Beach residents, the debris has to be on your curbside by September 16th. (EDIT: On 09/10/2008, storm debris was being picked up in Carolina Beach. The time frame was obviously moved up from when I spoke to Public Works.) Only storm debris will be picked up. If you have any leaves or small twigs, they must be in bags.

Kure Beach storm debris removal started yesterday and will continue for the remainder of the week.

New Hanover county has announced that they will not be picking up storm debris and suggested residents contact private companies for assistance.

Tangerine Caribbean Grill Sneak Peak

Here are a few interior pictures of the Tangerine Caribbean Grill in Carolina Beach. As you can see, they have really put forth a lot of time and effort to make this a cool and exciting place. I had heard they hired a designer to help with the interior layout and decor. From the looks of the place, it appears to be true.

Unfortunately, TS Hanna tore up their outside deck awning and caused some damage to their restaurant sign out front. Hopefully these small setbacks won't create a delay in opening. So far, I've not heard a tentative grand opening date (if someone is aware of the date, please let us know).

Read Carolina Beach Today Review

September 8, 2008

Honk Honk, Beep Beep, Get Out of My Way, I Hurricane Evacuate!!

Fortunately, this has not been an issue for our area for several years now. But the time will most certainly come, and it helps to have a headsup of what options will be available. The Wilmington Star featured a helpful article in today's paper on the North Carolina's evacuation plan.

Read the Article here

When lane reversals go bad...

Erin's Restaurant Review: Harbor Master Restaurant and Lounge

Two Part Review:
1 out of 5 stars for the first visit.
4 out of 5 stars for the second visit.
Overall avg (the round up seemed justified), 3 out of 5 stars...

We didn't actually eat here.

To be fair, we walked in at 10:55 looking for breakfast. We stood by the bar for a couple of minutes while 2 people who worked there did everything they could not to make eye contact with us. Finally, we asked if we could seat ourselves. This woman gets right up in our face and says, 'no I'm the hostess.' Then she turns around to have a conversation with a server. We both said, 'well then...' and walked out the door. Another woman did catch us and explained that they switch over to lunch at 11. It was too late to save the experience though.

They've only been reopened a week and it was Fourth of July weekend. You'd think they'd be trying a little harder. We'll probably try to come back and I'll update my review.
We finally ate breakfast here. It was great. This past Friday, it stormed really bad and we were the only people in the restaurant. This might have helped the good service. However, they had a hostess stand now and someone is waiting there for you when you walk in the door. They seem much more organized than they were in their first week. The waiter was extremely pleasant and attentive and the manager (owner?) came by the table to make sure we were ok.

I had the eggs benedict with a side of fruit. It was really good. The fruit was fresh and the melon was cut into pieces that you could actually eat. I hate getting a bowl of fruit that you then have to cut up yourself. The hollandaise sauce was really good and fresh. My husband had his normal breakfast - eggs sunny-side up, grits, toast, ham. He had no complaints and ate most all of it.

The dinner menu looks a little pricey, but it might be worth it to sit so close to the water and watch the fishing boats coming and going. They also have a bar area that looks fun and casual. I'm sure we'll be up there for a drink and appetizers one night soon.

Four solid stars this time around. I'm so glad that they redeemed themselves.

Harbor Masters Restaurant & Lounge
315 Canal Dr
Carolina Beach, NC
(910) 458-7013

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September 7, 2008

Pleasure Island Lifeguards...Thank You!

Our sincere appreciation is extended to all the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue and the Kure Beach Lifeguards. As always, they have worked tirelessly throughout the summer and have made countless rescues. Their presence is a huge asset for our island as both tourists and local’s alike feel more secure going for an ocean swim knowing that if things go wrong, help will always be there.

The Lifeguards must have a strong sense of pride knowing that they have saved lives this many people can say that about their summer jobs?

Note: We all hope that Daniel Anderson is making a full recovery.

To learn more about the PI Lifeguards:

Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project Volunteers Hard at Work Prior to TS Hanna

Wilmington Star (Full Article)
by Staff Writer Dave Reynolds
Sept. 4, 2008

KURE BEACH - About 100 baby loggerhead sea turtles flapped their way to the ocean Thursday night, finding a new home before heavy rains were expected to drench the dunes at Kure Beach.

Members of the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project helped the silver dollar-sized turtles from their nest in a sort of induced labor just hours before the expected arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna.

Although most turtles leave the nest without help, the hatchlings were at risk of drowning if they weren't out of their nest before Hanna blew onto the scene, said project president Jody Smith.

So volunteers dug into the nest and found most of the turtles ready for ocean life. Smith speculated those turtles possibly hadn't made it out yet because of roots and brush above their nest, which was located near the dunes.

Twenty-four other baby turtles will spend two more days developing at the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher before being released on Saturday, Smith said.

But on Thursday night the bulk of the clutch made its way about 100 feet from the dunes to the water.

The turtles, which can easily weigh more than 200 pounds when fully grown, instinctively follow the moonlight reflecting off the water once they emerge from the sand. But a volunteer this night held a lantern in the direction of the waves, offering a little help to the hatchlings.

Thursday's hatching was the ninth for Kure Beach this year, and two more nests remain.

Although the location of one of the nests puts it a risk to be flooded during the upcoming storm, Smith said the turtles aren't far enough along in their development for an intervention.

At Carolina Beach, volunteers have taken precautions to protect the five unhatched nests that remain there, said Nancy Busovne, the town's sea turtle coordinator.

That includes marking their locations with a piece of metal in case Hanna shifts the sand around.

For more information on the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project, visit their

(Photo Credit)

September 6, 2008

All Clear for Carolina Beach

I headed back down to Hamlet this morning to check the conditions. Damage on the island from Hanna was minimal with a few downed trees (mainly palms) and some downed signs. I noticed quite a few businesses lost their awnings (Michael's, Granny's and Tangerine). On the north end, they did sustain some minimal wash over. All in all, it looks like we fared well.

Overnight, we lost power on a few occasions but it was out for only about an hour or so at most. A few of the gusts were pretty strong and the sustained TS winds lasted for about four or five hours. I'm told that the Snow's Cut Bridge remained open throughout the night.

Also, drove through Kure Beach and they appeared to fare equally well.

Here are some pictures this morning from the Hamlet beach access.

[click for full size]

The sandpipers made for some nice subjects while capturing the waves.

September 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna Pictures from Carolina Beach

Here are some pictures from Hamlet St. at around 4:00pm. As you can see, most people are enjoying the ocean turbulence from the safety of the shoreline. A few surfers are taking advantage of the increased swell.

After a wonderful dinner at Jack Mackerel's, it's back to Hamlet for some more pics at 6:30pm. Other than a lone surfer and a few people eyeing the ocean, the hour belonged to the gulls. You have to like how they face the wind in order to avoid having their wings pull a windy day umbrella trick.

If you look real hard, you'll spot the lone surfer battling the growing waves.

As the sunsets, Hanna readies herself for a night arrival...

Snow's Cut Bridge May Close If Winds Reach Sustained 45MPH

[Click to enlarge Press Release]

Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Declare State of Emergency--Voluntary Evacuations

[Click to Enlarge Press Releases]


September 4, 2008

TS Hanna Takes Aim at SE NC. May Reach Hurricane Strength by Landfall

The Weather Channel
8:45 p.m. ET 9/4/2008

At 8 p.m. EDT, Hanna was located 580 miles south-southeast of Wilmington, NC, and is moving northwest at 14 mph. Maximum winds near the center have remained at 65 mph.

Hanna will continue in this general motion bringing gusty winds, high seas, and squalls of tropical storm-force winds and wind-swept rain across the Bahamas.

It is still forecast to strengthen but Hanna's appearance is an ugly mess. It has no markings of a classic-looking tropical cyclone. It is a highly disorganized tropical storm and will have a lot to do in a short period of time to organize and strengthen to a hurricane.

Hurricane and tropical storm watches have now been posted for parts of the Southeast U.S. Coast and tropical storm warnings remain posted for the northwestern and central Bahamas.

Because of Hanna's appearance, it is important to note that one should not focus solely on the center of circulation. In fact, the worst of Hanna may not actually be found close to the center of circulation but rather away from it. Impacts such as tropical storm-force gusts, tropical downpours, and very choppy surf will be felt hundreds of miles away from the center.

That being said, the center of Hanna is projected to make landfall near the coastal South Carolina/North Carolina border or perhaps just east of there very early on Saturday morning.

After landfall, Hanna will quickly spread rain and breezy conditions up the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast on Saturday; impacting several major cities. However, due its rapid forward speed, the storm will not linger. Hanna will be exiting off the New England coast by as early as mid-morning Sunday. Thankfully, rainfall totals will not come anywhere close to what we have seen with Fay or Gustav.

September 3, 2008

Pleasure Island, NC-The Blogs Say It All (August 2008)

I always enjoy reading blog posts about Pleasure Island. It is a way to get an objective and insightful view of how people see the place that many of us call home. In addition, it makes for a helpful gage for visitors who are considering vacationing here and wonder if it is the right vacation spot for them. To hear residents such as myself talk up the area is one thing, but to hear it from other visitors is another.

Here is the blog post roundup for August 2008:

For past entries, click here.

September 1, 2008

Ninth Dead Pygmy Whale Washes Up on Atlantic Shoreline in the Last Two Weeks

Photo Credit: Barbara Bergwerf published in Charleston Post Courier
City employee removes dead whale from Isle of Palms beach.

As these stories continue, there is a chance additional whales may wash ashore in the coming days. If someone notices a dead or distressed whale, they should contact their local law enforcement:
Carolina Beach Police @ 910-458-2540
Kure Beach Police @ 910-458-7586
Wrightsville Beach Police @ 910-256-7945

Recent Newspaper Stories:

Erin's Restaurant Review: Deck House

4 out of 5 stars...

Very nice dining experience at the Deck House. First, it's all non-smoking now. Such a relief. The staff were all very friendly and attentive without being annoying. My husband was very pleased because his drink was strong. That's how we tend to grade restaurants how watered down a drink is. Their house wine was very good and only $4.50. The bread was the best. Soft and warm on the inside and all flaky and fabulous on the outside. I could have stuck with that for my meal. I had almond encrusted salmon with the house potatoes. He had stuffed flounder with the house potatoes. You can tell that everything is not quite maybe they make 20 of everything early on and heat it when it's ordered. But, it was still fresh fish and very good.

We will definitely be back only after we've discovered all the food that CB has to offer!

Deck House
205 Charlotte Ave
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-1026

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"If caught in a rip current, swimmers should swim parallel to the shore and out of the current..."

Again, we here those words from lifeguards as they deal with a drowning death at an unguarded stretch of beach in Fort Fisher. With Tropical Storm Hanna whipping up seas off our coast, we are again faced with dangerous rip currents and they are expected to be even worse today.

On Sunday, Carolina Beach lifeguards pulled 15 people from the dangerous currents.

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