December 5, 2008

Island of Lights..."I love Christmas"

"I love Christmas" was the reaction by one young visitor who took in the wonderful lighting display at Carolina Beach.

The family’s trip to see the lights was recounted by the young girl’s mother, a Wilmington Star correspondent, in a recent blog entry:

...The girls were just delighted, from the moment we drove into the darkness and saw a clear night with a sliver of moon up high. As we crossed the bridge, they started counting off decorations. Rudolph. A star. A candle. When we passed the lake, they could hardly stay in their seats. "Ooooh," was all my 3-year-old could say. "There's a sleigh, and balloons. There's so many of them. Mommy, it's so pretty. I want to come tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after," said my 6-year-old...

Read the full blog entry here
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