December 18, 2008

Carolina Beach Hilton Garden Inn Update

Carolina Beach Hilton Garden Inn
With all the permits, approvals and regulatory requirements satisfied, construction on the Hilton Garden Inn is finally able to proceed.

When they completed their underground infrastructure in late Summer 2008, one may have assumed they would roll into the construction phase. Unfortunately, the developer faced some last minute hurdles and the project was delayed.

But after months of delays, everything has fallen in line and we may soon see cranes in our vista. The developer, Russ Maynard, has stated that the project would take between 18 to 21 months to complete. Assuming that they may want to tap into the 2010 tourist season, we may see the start of construction in the coming weeks.

So thank you to Mr. Maynard for believing in our town and for continuing to back this project. This hotel, which will bookend the boardwalk along with the Courtyard Marriott, will have long term positive effects on our local economy.

(click pic to enlarge)Carolina Beach Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn
Update on the Right Whale story, unfortunately, the whale did not survive.
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