November 17, 2008

Snow's Cut Monthly Magazine: How Snow's Cut Park is Slipping into the Sea

Continuing with the earlier story on Snow's Cut Park, here is a story from Snow's Cut Monthly about the erosion problems at the park and how 20-30 feet of parkland is falling into the sea each year.

Text and Photos by Susan Hart
November 2008

Not long after I moved south (from New Jersey) to my new home in Wilmington in the winter of 1994-95, a friend and I stumbled upon Snow’s Cut Park. It was a nice day, sunny but cool, so we turned into the park and decided to explore. After a while we perched on a bench in the sun overlooking the waterway and ate our sandwiches. Nearby a father held his small child up to the water fountain to drink, other children were on the swings behind us and a little further down from where we sat, a family was enjoying a barbecue in one of the shelters with a great view of the waterway.

On my most recent visit to Snow’s Cut Park I found all of that was gone. No water fountain, no swings in the pine trees, our bench had disappeared and so had that particular picnic shelter – along with many of the pine trees. They were all victims of erosion along the banks of the park, taking everything with them to the beach and water below...

Neal Lewis, director of the New Hanover County Parks department, confirmed that the park land on the northern bank of Snow’s Cut is being lost at the rate of about 20-30 feet per year, depending on the number and severity of the storms as well as other factors.“We move the fences back twice a year,” he told me, “10-15 feet each time.” The main reasons for the erosion, according to Lewis are “the very steep sand bank, wakes from boat traffic, surface run-off from River Road through the park and storms, (especially) nor’easters and hurricanes...”

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Credit: Photo is from the article
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