November 15, 2008

Carolina Beach's Snows Cut Canal A Great Place to Fish

The News & Observer
Nov 13, 2008

CAROLINA BEACH - The U.S. 421 bridge links the mainland of New Hanover County with the beach communities of Pleasure Island. The bridge arches high above a segment of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway called Snows Cut.

Called simply "the cut" by locals, the navigation channel is an enormous man-made canal that allows vessels large and small to pass between the emerald green Atlantic Ocean at Carolina Beach Inlet or other places northward along the ICW and the murky waters of the Cape Fear River.

It's also a great place to catch saltwater species from the shore.

Along the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Easement for the construction and maintenance of Snows Cut are two parks. New Hanover County's Snows Cut Park is located on the northwest bank. Carolina Beach State Park is located on the southwest bank...

"Any fish you catch in the ocean, you can also catch in Snows Cut," Al-Matin said. "I catch bluefish, flounder, sheepshead, spots, croakers, pinfish, pigfish, black drum and red drum. The trick to catching them is to fish the deepest holes..."

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