October 1, 2008

Tangerine Caribbean Grill: Two Thumbs Up

Although I'm not one to normally review area restaurants as I'm not real clever at expounding on the nuances of food (I just know whether I like it or not), I must say that I'm impressed with the Tangerine Caribbean Grill in Carolina Beach. I've been there three times and each time the food and service has been good and the atmosphere inviting.

With each visit, the manager has stopped by the table and asked if everything was OK (hint, hint competition--customer service matters) and the waitstaff has been attentive without being evasive. The outside deck is a fun place to enjoy lunch or dinner while enjoying an ice cold beer. Unfortunately, they lost their deck awning during Tropical Storm Hanna but I'm told that a replacement is on the way. With shade from the awning and the numerous oscillating fans throughout, it should be fairly comfortable even during the summer months. In addition, once the awning is replaced, they plan on setting up TVs along the deck area. This will surely draw football fans to the restaurant as there are limited opportunities in Wilmington to watch games outside. They also have an upper roof deck but it is not currently getting too much use. I'm told that at some point, they plan on adding a bar to the upper deck which should be a draw when you consider the nice views.

They really went the extra step with the interior design. I'm told they hired an interior designer to assist with the layout and it really shows. They have bamboo tables, chairs and have even painted the duct work to look like bamboo stalks. The bar area is equally impressive with tropical themed art. Bottom-line, their attention to detail is spot on and it really sets a new standard for future Pleasure Island restaurants. (This photo was taken just prior to their open).

I recommend paying this place a visit. And since Erin already uses the star system for her reviews, I thought I'd borrow the movie guy's method. No doubt, the Tangerine Caribbean Grill rates Two Thumbs Up.

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