October 23, 2008

A New Type of Shark Fishing in the Carolinas...Megalodon Teeth

(With assurances from the scientific community that the Megalodon was indeed extinct, this diver mistakenly felt no danger while searching for remnants of the colossal shark.)

The Daily Post-Athenian in TN has an interesting story on Greg Eiche, who collects fossilized Megalodon shark's teeth off the Carolina coast. As stated in the article, the Megalodon grew to be about 60 feet long with a body mass of about 77 tons. The prehistoric ancestor of the Great White occupied seas around the world up to 17 million years ago and had up to 276 teeth in its mouth.

For years, Greg has scoured the waters off the coast of both Carolinas but it was during a recent trip off the coast of Wilmington, NC that he almost lost his life in pursuit of his passion.

On his most recent trip 40 miles off the coast of Wilmington, N.C., Eiche was nearly lost at sea after trying to collect a fossil barely out of reach of his dive reel. Eiche unhooked himself from the reel and tried reaching the last tooth about 10 feet away. Someone on the other end of the reel tried getting his attention and inadvertently yanked his line away from him.

Eiche found himself short on air and lost under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. He made an emergency ascent about 2,000 feet away from his boat. Eiche miraculously bounced off whitecaps and swam back to safety.

"It was stupid on my part," Eiche admits. "But you live and learn."

His wife of 25 years, Monica, didn't take the news of his near disaster so well. She calls it "crazy diving."

"I let him have it over that," she said. "He could have killed himself over that one tooth, 10 feet away. He's not supposed to do that anymore."

Check out the complete story with photo at
the Daily Post-Athenianre

Here's a video of divers collecting Megalodon teeth with Topsail's Spirit Charters.

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Brief Overview of the Megalodon

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