October 20, 2008

Erin's Restaurant Review: Tangerine Caribbean Grill

4 out of 5 stars...

I'm having such a hard time reviewing this place. First, it took forever to open. They really took their time decorating and getting everything up and going. Once then opened, they only had a limited menu and didn't seem very organized. We went there once and had an ok meal. It all just seemed a little off. Although, we loved the atmosphere.

Then, they were closed. Word is that they had major plumbing problems which led to a less than stellar health inspection, shutting them down. So, they were closed for maybe a week or two. Saturday night, they opened back up with a brand new menu and chef. I was excited because I thought the first menu was just too Caribbean. Mango chutney and pineapples all over everything. Plus, I feel like they were trying too hard. There were way too many items on the menu and none of them were special.

Which brings me to last night. We decided to try it out again. I'm glad we did. They have a new chef who seems to know what he's doing. It was a very scaled down menu, but everything seemed to be perfected. I had the salmon and my husband had the rib eye. They were both perfectly cooked (although a little fatty for the rib eye...that always seems to be the case though) and paired with great sauces. I got jasmine rice, which I love and mixed vegetables. He got mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was just the right amount of food. I hate it when they give you enough to feed a small country. A tad pricey, but we don't mind as long as we get what we want and it's good food.

The service was also perfect last night. I'm not sure if it was just our waiter (Nathan, super cute and young) or if the manager had put the fear of God in these people to make the customers happy. I believe it would be the latter. Everyone seemed to be trying extra hard. As they should.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money of dinner, go to hang out in the bar or on the roof top with some friends and drinks. The whole place in non-smoking and they've got several TV's going. At this point they only open for dinner. Hopefully they'll for lunch soon with a different menu.

I know this was a long review, but this place has been a long time coming. I really hope for their sake that it works out for them. Someone has spent way to much time and money for this place to fail.

Tangerine Caribbean Grill
300 North Lake Park Blvd
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 707-0202

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