October 7, 2008

AP: NC Flytrap Plants on the Decline

...The flytrap's natural habitat exists only within a hundred miles of the Carolinas' coast, where much larger and more territorial plants have always held forth. Booming growth and development along the coast threatens to overrun the few sensitive and thin populations of venus flytraps that still exist in the wild.

An Associated Press review of state botany records found that nearly 80 percent of the 117 identified wild populations of flytraps in North Carolina have little chance of surviving, have been wiped out altogether or haven't been seen in years. Most of the viable clusters are in nature preserves, yet experts believe some of those could be thinned by encroaching humans...
Full AP Story

To learn more about the flytrap plants that are found throughout the Carolina Beach State Park, please visit their website. In addition, look under 'events' to find the next guided nature tour. Rangers give an overview of different topics including carnivorous plants located throughout the park. Just make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and don't forget your camera.
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