October 31, 2008

The Fat Pelican 360 Degrees

I came across this youtube video, posted by GermanMember, offering viewers a 360 degree view of inside the Fat Pelican. The video was uploaded on October 23, 2008.

It looks like the crowd is having a good time but that is pretty easy to do when you have a choice of over 350 different beers.

Pleasure Island Trolley

The Towns of Carolina and Kure Beach have put out a Request for Proposals for the operation of an Island trolley system. Proposals will be accepted up until 4:00pm on 11/24/08.

The Island municipalities are interested in the feasibility of operating an Island-wide trolley system during the primary tourist season (May-August).

The trolley would sevice the following locations:
• Food Lion
• Marriott Courtyard at Carolina Beach
• Carolina Beach Boardwalk
• Specific points of interest in Carolina and Kure Beach
• Specific beach accesses along Fort Fisher Boulevard
• Kure Beach Ocean Front Park
• Kure Beach Fishing Pier
• Fort Fisher State Park
• Fort Fisher Museum
• NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
• Fort Fisher Ferry

If it is feasible, the plan is to have the trolleys operational for the 2009 Summer season.
Photo Credit

October 29, 2008

Photos of Carolina Beach Lake Following Hurricane Ophelia in 2005

Here are some interesting photos of Carolina Beach Lake following 10 inches of rain from Hurricane Ophelia which grazed our area in September 2005. The aerial photos were taken by the NC Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster and are posted here on their website. For additional Ophelia photos of the SE North Carolina coastline, please visit their website. (click photos for full size)

And one photo of the Snow's Cut Bridge

Here is a Wilmington Star article from November 2005 that explains the flooding issues of CB Lake. I don't believe the town received funding for the dredging.

Town Hoping to End Lake’s Flooding

CAROLINA BEACH When hurricane season comes along next year, Carolina Beach officials are hoping the town’s lake won’t overflow its banks again.

The town is seeking about $1.2 million in state aid to alleviate flooding, which usually covers U.S. 421 and nearby residential streets during periods of heavy rain.

Homes and businesses also have experienced flooding.

Steve Pagley, the town’s operations director, said the money would be used to dredge silt from the lake bottom, deepening it, and to buy another pump. If the state approves the grant, the town would have to put up $578,250, or one-third of the cost of the entire project.

Councilman Gary Doetsch said it sounds like a good start, but he hopes it’s enough.

Here are some key questions and answers about the issue:

11.5 acres, 3 feet deep and holds nearly 11 million gallons of water.

The town’s operations department wants to dredge the lake and buy an additional pump, which will help the town manage water flow from the lake. The dredging would deepen the lake by 3 to 4 feet, increasing the capacity to about 25 million gallons.

Town officials say flooding not only affects residential and commercial properties around the lake but also disturbs wildlife in and around the lake.

Flooding also makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to respond.

It will make the lake deeper. The lake can flood with just an inch of rain because water drains into the lake from 560 acres of land. According to town calculations, an inch of rain dumps about 15 million gallons into the lake.

One pump can remove 7.2 million gallons of water from the lake in 24 hours. A second pump would double that amount, which means the town could reduce the lake level as storms approach.

Once the state grant comes through, the project should take six months to complete – in time for the 2006 hurricane season. After the work is done, the town will maintain the improvements and operate the pump as needed.

October 28, 2008

Carolina Beach State Park Marina Undergoing $2.5M Renovation

This is just one more very positive change that is happening on our island. Having both the Town and the State Park revamping their marinas will really have a favorable impact on attracting overnight transient boaters which in turn, will benefit our local businesses. Not to mention, the marina improvments will have a positive impact on our local boating community.

We are definitely on the right track here!

The Charlotte Observer
By Franco Ordonez
Oct. 27, 2008

Carolina Beach State Park will begin a $2.5 million project to renovate its marina and boat access area next month, according to the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation.

Boat owners who rent any of the marina's 42 slips must remove their craft by Nov. 16 when workers will dredge the marina basin and access channel...

"We know these repairs and improvements will mean some inconvenience for our tenants and other park visitors during construction and we'll try to minimize that as much as possible,” Park Superintendent Terri Taylor said. “But, the end result will be a much improved facility and safer boating access.”

Construction is expected to continue through the summer of 2009...The project includes replacement of bulkheads, floating docks, a fixed walkway system and underground fuel tanks, improvements to the facility's two boat ramps, a redesigned parking area and the addition of boat slips. The marina was built in 1990.

Marina Information:
November - February, 8 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.
March, April, September, October 8 a.m. - 7:45 p.m.
May - August, 8 a.m. - 9:45 p.m.
Closed Christmas Day

Fuel Dock Hours
November - February, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
March, April, September, October 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
May - August, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Closed Christmas Day

Slip Rental/Marina Fees (Only available at Carolina Beach)
Overnight dockage --- $20
Holding tank pump out --- $12
Battery charging service --- $4

Slip rental - one month lease (fees charged according to term of lease and vessel size):
25 feet and smaller --- $175
26 feet to 35 feet --- $260
36 feet to 42 feet --- $305
43 feet to 45 feet --- $345

Six month lease (runs 183 days from date executed):
25 feet and smaller --- $830
26 feet to 35 feet --- $1250
36 feet to 42 feet --- $1460
43 feet to 45 feet --- $1665

Twelve month lease (runs 365 days from date executed):
25 feet and smaller --- $1250
26 feet to 35 feet --- $1875
36 feet to 42 feet --- $2185
43 feet to 45 feet --- $2500

Click here for the CB State Park home page

October 27, 2008

Bring on the Sand...Carolina & Kure Beach Receive $3.5M in Federal Beach Renourishment Funds

Beaches get $9 million in federal funds to pump sand
Wilmington Star
October 27, 2008

Several area beaches have received $9 million from the federal government to help pay for renourishment projects scheduled for 2010.

Officials said the funding, announced Monday, ensures four beaches get the renourishment work they need to withstand future storms and continue to provide recreation for residents and tourists...

The funding covers the federal share, or 65 percent, of planned renourishment projects. The remaining money must come from state and local governments, officials said.

On Monday, McIntyre announced $3 million for Wrightsville Beach, $2.5 million for Ocean Isle Beach and a combined $3.5 million for Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE, will plan the projects during the coming year, and the beach renourishment is expected to start in November 2009...

Full Story

So you see, there is no need to frown, there will be plenty of sand in the coming years to bury oneself. Or if you prefer, bring along a friend for support.

October 26, 2008

The Ghosts of Fort Fisher

Fort fisher ghost
In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to take a look to see if there were any ghost tales regarding Pleasure Island. Surely there would be some when you consider that there is an entire ghost tour just 15 miles away in historic downtown Wilmington.

Well, it turns out that ghosts are apparently averse to crossing the Snow's Cut Bridge because the ghost tales of Pleasure Island are pretty thin. The tales primarily center on Fort Fisher and several teams of paranormal investigators have spent time investigating the southern part of the island. In addition, the Fort Fisher ghost tales were discussed in the book, Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina, written by Terrance Zepke.

fort fisher hermit ghostThe general consensus is that the ghosts at Fort Fisher are haunts from the Civil War era as some of the reported sightings mention images of Confederate soldiers. A few attribute some of the ghost activity to the late Fort Fisher Hermit, Robert E. Harrill.

The nature of the death of Robert Harrill has fueled some speculation that he may have been murdered. The official cause of death was that he died of natural causes. But some question the accuracy and thoroughness of the police investigation and feel that there were enough suspicious circumstances to raise concerns of some form of foul play. But either way, there is some speculation that the Fort Fisher Hermit still roams the lands he called home at Fort Fisher.

The majority of the investigators feel that the hauntings of Fort Fisher are related to the Civil War and, more specifically, feel the area is haunted by General William Whitting. General Whiting was injured in the last hours of the final battle at Fort Fisher and was forced to surrender the Southern fort to Northern Forces.

He died a prisoner in 1865 at Fort Columbus, New York Harbor. Today, the theory is that his spirit returned to Fort Fisher because he blames himself for the fall of the fort. Others speculate that he returned because the Fort was the last place he knew or because he seeks a better outcome to the last battle of his life.

When you consider that over 3,000 soldiers lost their lives at Fort Fisher, one can understand why the area is ripe for paranormal speculation.

Other sightings at Fort Fisher tell of Confederate soldiers standing watch in the pine groves north of the Fort. Apparently, the reports of these sentinels have been made by park employees, visitors as well as professional paranormal investigators.

The group
Haunted North Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigation conducted a four hour investigation at Fort Fisher. They came away with the distinct belief that the fort is indeed haunted. Three separate members of the team saw the soldier in the woods, and the temperature at the spot immediately dropped from 68 degrees to 43 degrees. Their equipment recorded footsteps in the woods at the same time, although a motion detector showed no movement. They heard the sound of a gunshot. They heard a scream and a cry for help on the beach, but of course there was no one there. Their flashlights kept going off, even though they tested all the equipment before the expedition. Likewise, batteries drained at a rapid pace, cameras jammed, and flashes refused to flash. Photos taken show an orb moving through the trees.(1)

In September 2008, members of the East Coast Paranormal conducted an investigation of the fort and have posted a three part video series on youtube. Unfortunately, the investigation was cut short when they found themselves being haunted by an onslaught of mosquitoes.

Here are the 3 parts to the ghost hunt:

So, whether or not any of these speculations are rooted in any truth, we can say that Pleasure Island, NC has tales of the paranormal. And with Halloween right around the corner, everyone needs a ghost tale or two.

(1) Reference

October 25, 2008

Thanks to Cinema Jane...

for making this very cool title page collage. She is always one step ahead in making us look sharp and her efforts are always most appreciated.

But that's enough praise for CJ, shouldn't she be at the

October 23, 2008

A New Type of Shark Fishing in the Carolinas...Megalodon Teeth

(With assurances from the scientific community that the Megalodon was indeed extinct, this diver mistakenly felt no danger while searching for remnants of the colossal shark.)

The Daily Post-Athenian in TN has an interesting story on Greg Eiche, who collects fossilized Megalodon shark's teeth off the Carolina coast. As stated in the article, the Megalodon grew to be about 60 feet long with a body mass of about 77 tons. The prehistoric ancestor of the Great White occupied seas around the world up to 17 million years ago and had up to 276 teeth in its mouth.

For years, Greg has scoured the waters off the coast of both Carolinas but it was during a recent trip off the coast of Wilmington, NC that he almost lost his life in pursuit of his passion.

On his most recent trip 40 miles off the coast of Wilmington, N.C., Eiche was nearly lost at sea after trying to collect a fossil barely out of reach of his dive reel. Eiche unhooked himself from the reel and tried reaching the last tooth about 10 feet away. Someone on the other end of the reel tried getting his attention and inadvertently yanked his line away from him.

Eiche found himself short on air and lost under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. He made an emergency ascent about 2,000 feet away from his boat. Eiche miraculously bounced off whitecaps and swam back to safety.

"It was stupid on my part," Eiche admits. "But you live and learn."

His wife of 25 years, Monica, didn't take the news of his near disaster so well. She calls it "crazy diving."

"I let him have it over that," she said. "He could have killed himself over that one tooth, 10 feet away. He's not supposed to do that anymore."

Check out the complete story with photo at
the Daily Post-Athenianre

Here's a video of divers collecting Megalodon teeth with Topsail's Spirit Charters.

Top Photo Credit
Second Photo Credit
Bottom Photo Credit

Brief Overview of the Megalodon

The Do's and Don'ts at Kure Beach

The Town of Kure Beach has a nifty brochure that you can download from the town's website. On one sheet of paper, they have summed up what most visitors want and need to know.

(click the pic to view the full size brochure)

Town of Kure Beach Website

Space Shuttle Landing at Wilmington's ILM

Well, most likely, this will never happen. But it could.

Over the weekend, I heard that the Wilmington International Airport is a designated emergency landing site for the shuttle program. In very specific emergency situations, ILM would be the designated landing zone.

So after checking with the expert authority, Google, I confirmed this tale to be true.

So if you ever have a neighbor who comes home from an evening at the Fat Pelican, and he claims that he was buzzed by a NASA shuttle on his return walk, think twice before you chalk it up solely to his Heineken consumption.

Here's a 2001 AP article that explains the relationship.

NASA Names North Carolina Airport Emergency Landing Site for Shuttle

By The Associated Press

January 2001

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- A landing strip at the Wilmington airport could be the safety net for a space shuttle on its way to the International Space Station in the event of massive engine failure.

The New Hanover County Airport Authority approved an agreement with NASA on Tuesday that designates the airport an emergency landing site.

The airport is one of four sites along the East Coast where the shuttle could land after leaving Cape Canaveral in Florida, said Marty Linde, a landing support officer with the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The shuttle has traditionally flown east over the Atlantic Ocean after liftoff, but a series of missions to the space station over the next several years will require a more northerly trajectory, Linde said.

If a problem develops in the first two minutes after launch, the shuttle has the option of returning to Cape Canaveral as long as its two large booster rockets and three rear engines are all firing.

"But if we lose two or three [engines] simultaneously before we get into orbit, we would be looking for a place to land along the East Coast," Linde said.

If a problem strikes about 30 seconds after the booster rockets separate, the pilot has the option of diverting the shuttle to Wilmington, Linde said. The booster rockets separate two minutes and 15 seconds into the flight.

Although the shuttle takes off like a rocket, it lands like a glider.

Recently, the shuttle could not have landed safely on Wilmington's 8,007-foot (2,438-meter) main runway because it needed 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) of stopping room. But new carbon brakes brought the necessary space down to 7,500 feet (2,286 meters), Linde said.

Al Roseman, chairman of the county airport authority, said local officials are excited about the chance to help the space program in the event that it becomes necessary.

The designation as an emergency landing site doesn't require any special training of personnel, though the airport will need to monitor all launches in case an emergency develops within a 15-minute window after liftoff.

"We hope never to have to use it, but nice to know the option is there," Linde said.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration canceled the next shuttle flight, scheduled for Friday, to inspect Atlantis' two solid-fuel rocket boosters. The launch of the space station laboratory, Destiny, is now targeted for no earlier than Feb. 6.

October 22, 2008

Puppy Love at Kure Beach

What a fun 2 minute video. Judging by his paws, he's going to grow up to be a big fella!

Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, N.C. Offer a Quick Getaway at an Affordable Price

Falling Gas Prices And Family-Friendly Atmosphere Make These Beaches An Ideal Winter Vacation Destination.

Carolina Beach, NC (PRWEB)
October 22, 2008 -- Gas prices are falling across the nation and many families are beginning to make plans for their end of the year get away. If lazy days near the beach are your style, head toward Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, just outside the historic seaport of Wilmington, N.C.

Carolina Beach and Kure Beach offer affordable, family-friendly beaches and activities everyone can enjoy. These two beach destinations are within a day's drive for many visitors and less than a tank of gas from major East Coast cities like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. With gas prices falling, families can enjoy the opportunity these beach towns offer to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

For the holiday season Carolina Beach will be hosting events starting in November. The annual "Island of Lights Festival" begins with the "Light Up the Lake" ceremony on November 28 and ends with the "New Year's Eve Countdown Party and Fireworks" on December 31.

Both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach offer old-time charm and character. Their unhurried atmosphere encourages families to relax and enjoy activities like strolling along the beach, biking, or watching fishing charters return from a day at sea. Carolina Beach's town center is a streetscape of small shops, restaurants and family entertainments like beachwear, ice cream and candy shops. Accommodations are convenient and you can choose from quaint family-owned beachfront motels, wonderful bed & breakfast establishments, or a towering oceanfront hotel.

Shuttling around just got easier with the debut of the coast's first-ever licensed golf cart cab service. The six passenger electric 'Green Cab' is hauling customers up and down the beach for a truly 'beachy ride' that is also good for the environment.

Carolina Beach is one of the North Carolina coast's best fishing centers. Located just off the Cape Fear Coast around Wilmington, N.C., Carolina Beach has a fleet of fishing experts with boats to hire for a day of deep sea fishing.

Carolina Beach is also an ideal area for surf fishing, bottom fishing, and shell fishing, thanks to its location at the convergence of the Cape Fear River, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The Carolina Beach Fishing Pier is a great place to drop a line; it's open to the public and has a tackle shop, grill and arcade.

At nearby Kure Beach, the fishing is just as good. In fact, the Kure Beach pier enjoys an international reputation among fishermen as one of the best places to pier fish for king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, flounder and blues.

Go to
www.CarolinaBeachStories.com or www.KureBeachStories.com if you'd like more information and start making plans to "get away from it all" one last time in 2008.

October 21, 2008

The Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride Will Pass Through Pleasure Island, NC on October 24th

The Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride is a rehabilitative cycling program for wounded warriors. The aim of the ride is to to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women.

Many of the riders have been physically active throughout their lives. Soldier Ride offers these brave individuals the chance to get on a bike and prove to themselves, "I can still do this." Soldier Ride is not about politics; it's not about the war. It's simply about the soldiers. For many of the combat-wounded veterans, Soldier Ride provides the first steps in the return to an active lifestyle.

So this Friday morning, please come down to the lake or along S. Lake Park Blvd and show your support for these heroes as they travel the island. In addition, please visit their
website and consider making a donation.

Wednesday, October 22: 8:30 Ceremony at Bull Simon’s Plaza on Fort Bragg, NC. 12 pm segment 2 f the ride begins in Tarheel, NC at Smithfield Packing with a 16 mile ride to Elizabethtown. Upon arrival there will be a 1:30 Ceremony with mayor in Elizabethtown and lunch at Melvins’ World Famous Hamburgers.

Thursday, October 23: 9:30 am ceremony at Hampstead Park, ride to Britt’s Motorsports in Wilmington. After lunch ride through the downtown Wilmington/Historic District ending with a 12:30 pm Ceremony at PPD.

Friday, October 24: This day begins with a ceremony at 8:45 at Lake Front Park in Carolina Beach. Riders will depart at 9 am en route to Fort Fisher ferry for transport to Southport. At 11 am riders will be greeted by the local community at Water Front Park, Southport with rest stops planned at Arbor Creek, St. James Plantation, and Virginia William School with the ride ending at Winding River Plantation.

Saturday, October 25: Riders will participate in the Inaugural Island Freedom Ride on Oak Island or the Second Annual Carolinas Challenge Spartanburg, SC. For more information please see the link below.


Congratulations to the Fort Fisher Aquarium for the Birth of Several Ukuleles...huh??

Atlantic Guitarfish (Atlantic Guitarfish. Photo courtesy of Fort Fisher Aquarium)

Well actually, the Aquarium staff calls them baby guitarfish. But we all know that it is ukuleles that always steal the headlines. Seriously, congrats to the staff and volunteers for yet another successful aquarium birth.

From the Aquarium at Fort Fisher's website, Water Logged:

The N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher is proud to announce the successful birth of six guitarfish, born October 10. An x-ray the previous week confirmed the mother was pregnant...

...The N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher is one of only a few U.S. institutions exhibiting Atlantic guitarfish. “We hope our work with breeding will help increase the numbers in public aquariums without relying upon collecting from wild populations,” Fatzinger said.

Make sure to check out their blog for the full story.
Water Logged

(Second Guitarfish Photo Credit)

October 20, 2008

Pleasure Island, NC...Where are the Webcams?

I've rec'd a few emails over the last few months asking about the location of webcams on Pleasure Island. Here is a current list:

Just south of the Carolina Beach Pier:

Kure Beach Pier:

Kure Beach Pier

Carolina Beach Skate Park:

If other web cams become available, I'll add them to the list. Maybe at some point, the park officials at Fort Fisher State Rec Area will install one at their visitor center.

FYI, here are the traffic cams for the greater Wilmington area. Just scroll down to the map and click on the section closest to the Wilmington area.


Erin's Restaurant Review: Tangerine Caribbean Grill

4 out of 5 stars...

I'm having such a hard time reviewing this place. First, it took forever to open. They really took their time decorating and getting everything up and going. Once then opened, they only had a limited menu and didn't seem very organized. We went there once and had an ok meal. It all just seemed a little off. Although, we loved the atmosphere.

Then, they were closed. Word is that they had major plumbing problems which led to a less than stellar health inspection, shutting them down. So, they were closed for maybe a week or two. Saturday night, they opened back up with a brand new menu and chef. I was excited because I thought the first menu was just too Caribbean. Mango chutney and pineapples all over everything. Plus, I feel like they were trying too hard. There were way too many items on the menu and none of them were special.

Which brings me to last night. We decided to try it out again. I'm glad we did. They have a new chef who seems to know what he's doing. It was a very scaled down menu, but everything seemed to be perfected. I had the salmon and my husband had the rib eye. They were both perfectly cooked (although a little fatty for the rib eye...that always seems to be the case though) and paired with great sauces. I got jasmine rice, which I love and mixed vegetables. He got mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was just the right amount of food. I hate it when they give you enough to feed a small country. A tad pricey, but we don't mind as long as we get what we want and it's good food.

The service was also perfect last night. I'm not sure if it was just our waiter (Nathan, super cute and young) or if the manager had put the fear of God in these people to make the customers happy. I believe it would be the latter. Everyone seemed to be trying extra hard. As they should.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money of dinner, go to hang out in the bar or on the roof top with some friends and drinks. The whole place in non-smoking and they've got several TV's going. At this point they only open for dinner. Hopefully they'll for lunch soon with a different menu.

I know this was a long review, but this place has been a long time coming. I really hope for their sake that it works out for them. Someone has spent way to much time and money for this place to fail.

Tangerine Caribbean Grill
300 North Lake Park Blvd
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 707-0202

[Related Tangerine Review and Comments]

Click Here For Additional Pleasure Island Restaurant Reviews.

Click Here to View Available Online Menus of Pleasure Island Restaurants

Wilmington Star: Carolina Beach Golf Cart Taxi a First in N.C.

(Randall Purdy with his golf cart taxi. Wilmington Star Photo by Jason A. Frizzelle.)

...Purdy says his electric Green Cab (as opposed to the Yellows with internal combustion engines) is the first licensed golf cart cab service in North Carolina.

...Per state law on golf carts, he can drive you anywhere in Carolina Beach where the speed limit is 35 or below...

The Green Cab's number is (910)538-5843

WECT (local NBC news affiliate) also has a story on the Carolina Beach Green Taxi

We say kudos to Mr. Purdy for thinking outside the box and bringing a great concept to the island. We wish him the best and we'll make sure to look for him when we need a lift.

October 19, 2008

North Carolina State Parks Survey

With Pleasure Island having two of the 34 state parks in North Carolina, it is important for us to have our voices heard. The NC State Parks is currently conducting a survey for the NC Parks Systemwide Plan update.
As explained on their website, the division's systemwide plan is a document that evaluates the state parks system's current standing, considers anticipated trends in parks and recreation needs, and details how the division plans to continue fulfilling its mission statement.

So if you have five to ten minutes, please stop by their website and complete the short survey.

You can view the results from the last public survey in 2000 here.

You can view the last NC Parksy System Wide Plan (released in 2000) here.

Pleasure Island, NC Surf Fishing Challenge October 24th-26th

Three Weigh-in Locations: North End, South End, and Island Tackle and Hardware.
Fish Time Starts: Friday, October 24, 12:00 midnight.
Fish Time Ends: Sunday, October 26, 12:00 noon.
Boundaries: Must fish from a Pleasure Island Beach.
No boats — No sound or pier fishing.
: Federal Point Shopping Center (aka the old Food Lion parking lot)

Registration: Friday, October 24, from 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Rules Meeting: Friday, October 24, at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm at Federal Point Shopping Center
Awards Dinner: Sunday, October 26 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm at Federal Point Shopping Center.
Awards Ceremony: Sunday, October 26, 2:00 pm at Federal Point Shopping Center (hosted by Golden Corral).
Entry Fee: $50 per angler before October 13; $60 per angler after October 13 (one entry fee gets you in all divisions except Red Drum Calcutta)
Red Drum Calcutta: $25 per angler (Red Drum Calcutta is optional–it is offered as another way for tournament participants to win money)
* Over $12,000 in cash and prizes (based on 250 entries)
Beneficiaries: Big Buddy Program and the Cape Fear Volunteer Center
Contact: Eddie Hardgrove at (910) 264-5487 or

For Complete Information and Downloadable Forms and Rules:

October 18, 2008

The Carolina Beach 'Summer Never Ends' Event Has Been Cancelled

Unfortunately, all of today's events have been cancelled due to inclement weather. Stay tuned for the next Boardwalk festival.

For Now, No Island in the Pleasure Island Soccer League

(Thanks to Duke Hagestrom for providing the majority of this information)

History/Current Problem:

The Pleasure Island Soccer Association, PISA, was formed 16 years ago. The soccer league started out relatively small and the games were played on Pleasure Island. But with time, the league grew and it became more difficult for the Island league to keep games at home due to parking and other issues.

In the Spring of '08 soccer was moved off the island to Veterans Park since it conflicted with baseball and there was not enough field space to accommodate all of the games on Pleasure Island. Most parents were of the understanding that soccer would move back to the Island in the fall. But as of now, all Pleasure Island Soccer League games are played at Veterans Park (there are no games played on the Island).

The PISA soccer league had embarked on a significant advertising initiative and attracted more players than can realistically fit on the Island fields. Evidently, the league has a goal to grow significantly, which is in conflict with many Island parents that would like to see soccer played on the Island. They long for the quaint, family friendly games that have long been a part of the Island.

Parents brought their concerns to the PISA soccer league and the following are the Minutes from the 10/15/08 PISA Meeting:

In summary, the group consensus was that the goal of moving soccer games back to the Island as a part of an Island soccer program:

The preference is to get this done under the existing PISA organization. PISA is a well-run organization and has the infrastructure in place to best make this happen. The group was very complimentary of the hard work and sacrifices that Mike and his board have had to make in order to keep the program going.

If PISA is unable to move a sufficiently comprehensive program back to the Island, parents feel strongly enough about an Island program that they are willing to begin the process of investigating how to get this done independently from PISA.

A variety of suggestions and concerns were presented to the PISA board including:

1. Institute an East/West or North/South league concept where the league splits game play between the Island and Veterans Park. Island fields can be the home fields for Island teams and Veterans Park fields can be the home fields for off-Island teams. Other alternatives to this approach were discussed.

Perhaps we need the following on the applications:
“Although we cannot make any guarantees, if you could select a home league/field, which would you choose for your child:”
-- Veterans Park
-- Pleasure Island
-- I don’t care

2. Perhaps we should consider a late fee in order to encourage timely registration, which will allow for additional time to plan team rosters/locations.

3. Moving just a small number of games or only a couple of age groups would not be appropriate…it needs to be a full program.

4. Ft. Fisher & Kure Beach Facilities may be available for practices and/or games (another way to allow us to stay on the Island).

5. It was mentioned that facilities on the Island (including parking) are not adequate for the league. Also, splitting facilities may be inconvenient for parents with multiple children playing soccer.

6. Is it that the facilities on the Island can’t support the league or is it that the league has allowed growth greater than what our Island can handle. Why did we decide it was more important to be larger and off the Island instead of smaller and on the Island? What is the magic number for cutoff?

7. Several parents indicated that they were told that soccer would move back to the Island after the Spring season and were caught off-guard when that didn’t happen.

8. Comments were made that some coaches were turned away, but at least one coach is coaching two teams.

9. Comments were made that some sponsors were turned away – at least one sponsor turned away was in attendance.

10. A parent indicated that most soccer leagues and official licensed programs discourage organized play for 3 year olds. Perhaps there is an option to have a “free play” or alternative approach for the 3 year olds.

Mike has indicated that he would also like to see games played on the Island. We hope that PISA can institute an Island program that will satisfy the needs of the community. If I have failed to capture any important ideas or suggestions, I encourage you to reply to this email and I will ensure that the feedback is passed along to PISA. I also apologize for any errors I have made in trying to capture feedback…feel free to correct any errors I may have made.

Thank you again for your time and we look forward to PISA’s response.

Pleasure Island Parents

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Meet the Author, Elaine Blackmon Henson, October 20th @ Federal Point History Center

Elaine Blackmon Henson, author of the postcard-history book "Carolina Beach," will be featured speaker at the next meeting of the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society, 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Federal Point History Center, next to the Carolina Beach Town Hall, 1121-A North Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach. Her topic: "Bathing Beauties in Vintage Postcards."

About the book:
Carolina Beach, North Carolina, has been a destination for beachgoers, boaters, and fishermen since the 1880s. Visitors came first by the combination of river steamers and a train and later by automobiles to seek respite from the summer’s heat and the daily grind. This book shares the history of this seaside community through the postcards its visitors sent home. From the early handcolored cards printed in Germany to the modern chrome cards of today, we see the people and places of Carolina Beach.

About the Author:

Elaine Blackmon Henson grew up in nearby Wilmington and has loved going to the beach all of her life. A career educator, she and her husband bought a 1940s cottage at Carolina Beach as a summer rental. In searching for vintage pictures to use in the cottage, she began collecting old postcards, and curiosity about the history of the images in those cards led to this book.

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October 17, 2008

Titan Cement--New Hanover County Commissioner Candidates Share Their Views

(White Rock Quarry in Florida where limestone mining for a nearby concrete plant has increased benzene levels in Miami-Dade County's drinking water.)

Read My Two Cents on Titan Cement coming to New Hanover County and how it may impact Pleasure Island residents.

Here is what the New Hanover County Commissioner candidates say about the proposed Titan Cement plant (as presented by WHQR):

Carolina Beach Boardwalk Gazebo : Summer Never Ends-October 18th

Enjoy Arts & Crafts, fireworks, live music, pony rides, dance demos a bounce house and face painting. Brought to you by the Boardwalk Makeover and Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce. Call 910.458.6835 for more information or just head down to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

And if you are looking to decorate your home/office with some impressive photos of Pleasure Island, be sure to check out the Southern Digital Art booth. You can get a preview of his photos on his website.
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