September 27, 2008

Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project With Another Successful Season

(Picture from the Sea Turtle Project website)

Looking at the Sea Turtle Project website, it looks like Carolina Beach had a total of eight nests and Kure Beach had nine nests during the 2008 nesting season.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work in protecting the next generation of loggerhead sea turtles. On any given summer day, they often walk many, many miles in all types of weather. But I suppose the payoff for their sore feet and early wake up times is eventually watching their tiny protectees heading off to the deep blue sea.

A few sea turtle facts from the website:
*Female loggerhead sea turtles lay an average of 120 eggs in each nest and may nest up to 7 times in one season.
*When resting, sea turtles can hold their breath for several hours.
*Sea Turtles reach sexual maturity around 25 years

To see all the wonderful pictures from this years nesting season, please visit their website:

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