September 12, 2008

My Two Cents: Now the Gas Hoopla Starts in Carolina Beach

(Exxon on Lake Park Blvd at 5:30pm)

So alas, the gas 'crisis' is now here. Just today we have seen gas rise by 10% (both stations on Lake Park are now at 3.95 for regular) and some stations are requesting that we limit our purchase to ten gallons. The 5:00 news showed lines forming at a few lower priced stations and there are reports that some stations (somewhere) have run out of gas.

On the other side of the coin, we have AAA telling us not to top off our tanks because we are creating a crisis when one doesn't exist. They tell us to conserve fuel and wait until we know the true impact of Ike on our fuel supply. Unfortunately, if you do wait a day or two you may end up paying in the $4's for gas. Generally speaking, consumers prefer to lock in lower prices.

So who makes money from this spike? I'm pretty sure the stations are doing well as they are selling the same gas that was in their tanks yesterday for 10% more today. If they were able to sell it yesterday for 10% cheaper and make a profit, today must be a gift. I'm sure the suppliers are happy as well as they too will enjoy these new found profits.

So what can one do? Conserve gas and dust off your bikes for local trips? I suppose. But if that is not practical, you can always consider a horse now that the North End is fair game. I personally would consider a dog sled team but I've been told they tend to bog down in the sand.

Well, enough of this moan...I'll just leave you with one question. In the last 24 hours, gas prices have risen by over 10% and they will most likely continue rising tomorrow. So once the uncertainty of Ike passes, will the powers to be allow the gas prices to fall just as quickly as they rose?

PS. The Tangerine Grill is not open today as was rumored earlier. They still have "Opening Soon" on their front sign.

PPS. Keep the people in Eastern Texas in your thoughts and prayers. If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross.

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