September 24, 2008

Kure Beach Town Council Speaks Up on the Proposed Island Greenway Bike Trail

Without exception, the entire Council is against the proposed Greenway in its current form. They have requested the Town's Park and Recreation Committee work with the Greenway representatives before any further recommendations are made to Council.

Although they all publicly state that they support some form of a bike path, some of their comments in today’s Gazette give me pause.

The following summarized comments were taken from the September 24th Island Gazette. The actual minutes from the September 16th meeting are not yet available online. (I will post a link to the minutes when they become available):

Councilman Nelder: The Dow Road corridor is the only acceptable route for a bike path.

Councilman Lamberth: The Snow’s Cut Bridge is in need of repair and that the bridge should be fixed prior to any bike path. He does not support a bike path behind homes in the Sunny Point firebreak. He suggested that the Committee work on alternative plans but added that the Town and County have no funding available. He also added that the Dow Road extension and the bike path would not be completed during his lifetime because there is no funding for either project.

Councilman Vatrt: There is no funding in the town’s budget for any project of this nature. He endorses the concept of a bike path but doesn’t support a bike path as currently proposed in the firebreak. “I think that is just unacceptable.”

Councilman Dugan: Opposes the current plan in the firebreak area. He supports a trail on Dow Road or a river bike path.

Mayor Montgomery: Feels there are alternatives to the proposed plan noting that citizens are riding and walking on residential streets in public, not along a path where someone may fall or be subject to some situation in an area that is so far out of site of the rest of the community. He also noted that there are no funds in the budget to clean, maintain or patrol a bike path.

For the full article, see today’s paper or wait until Saturday when the article will be available online.
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