September 6, 2008

All Clear for Carolina Beach

I headed back down to Hamlet this morning to check the conditions. Damage on the island from Hanna was minimal with a few downed trees (mainly palms) and some downed signs. I noticed quite a few businesses lost their awnings (Michael's, Granny's and Tangerine). On the north end, they did sustain some minimal wash over. All in all, it looks like we fared well.

Overnight, we lost power on a few occasions but it was out for only about an hour or so at most. A few of the gusts were pretty strong and the sustained TS winds lasted for about four or five hours. I'm told that the Snow's Cut Bridge remained open throughout the night.

Also, drove through Kure Beach and they appeared to fare equally well.

Here are some pictures this morning from the Hamlet beach access.

[click for full size]

The sandpipers made for some nice subjects while capturing the waves.

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