August 1, 2008

A Shark and a Kayak Equal an Interesting "Shark Week" Tale

Kaleb5000, who posts on, recently shared his experience of catching a 3 to 3 1/2 foot hammerhead shark while kayak fishing at Fort Fisher. For any readers who are not familiar with kayaks, they are small plastic boats that one does not normally associate with hammerhead shark fishing.

Kaleb has been a lifelong freshwater fisherman and over the years has typically fished from canoes. It was only recently that he took up saltwater fishing and this was only his second time fishing at Fort Fisher. So on July 26th, he headed out to bay 2 at Fort Fisher with two of his friends. The action started off good as they caught a speckled trout and flounder. After awhile, they decided to net some live bait and start working some of the deeper holes.

Then he struck. At first it was just a slight tap tap of the rod but seconds later the line started screaming off the reel. Within no time, the shark began pulling Kaleb and his Kayak towards the rock jetty. Fearing that he might damage the boat if it struck the rocks, he put his rod in the holder and began paddling further out to open water. Once clear of the rocks, he was able to focus on landing the shark. It took about five minutes to wrestle him up towards the boat. As the shark finally broke the surface and began playing the bongos off the hollowed kayak, a moment of slight intimidation descended on Kaleb as he realized that he had never actually handled a shark. Fortunately one of his friends, who was an experienced saltwater fisherman, wrangled the shark and handed it over to Kaleb so pictures could be taken.

Following a few Kodak moments, the shark was released unharmed. But in his waning seconds of captivity, he was able to steal one final glimpse of the kayak.

CBT has since learned that the shark was last seen eyeballing some birdwatching tourist enjoying one of the many guided kayak nature tours. The plastic boats forever marked...

(PS. For the the actual fisherman readers...he was using a browning bait-caster and a 30 lb test power pro. He was bottom fishing using a cork rigged between the weight and hook in order to help float the bait off the bottom. The time of day was nearing noon and the depth was approximately 14 feet.)

Kaleb5000 with his prize (click any picture to enlarge)

Don't forget this is Shark Week at the Fort Fisher Aquarium! ___________________________________________________________
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