August 10, 2008

Erin's Restaurant Review: Zorba's Steak and Seafood Restaurant

3 out of 5 stars...

As we have now lived at the beach for awhile, we thought we would venture to Zorbas.

It was ok. Very odd assortment of places to sit. There seemed to be a small room in the back with a couple of tables and a small, winding room in the front with a couple of tables. Then an 'outdoor' room, where we ended up sitting. We were the only people in there. Very odd. The food was solid I suppose. Nothing great, but nothing horrible. The service was great, however, warranting them 3 stars. The main waitress was super nice and she had 2 trainees with her following her wherever she went. Very nice.

We probably won't be back however, since there are many better options on the beach.
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