July 20, 2008

Pleasure Island, NC-The Blogs Say It All (July 2008)

I always enjoy reading blog posts about Pleasure Island. It is a way to get an objective and insightful view of how people see the place that many of us call home. In addition, it makes for a helpful gage for visitors who are considering vacationing here and wonder if it is the right vacation spot for them. To hear residents such as myself talk up the area is one thing, but to hear it from other visitors is another.

I also like to find posts by residents as they explore the island and share some of their day to day activities. It is from these posts that I often learn there are new things for me to discover. But most of the time, I'm reminded that the best things Pleasure Island offers are the simplest. A morning walk on the beach as the sun begins to awake over the horizon is never the same walk twice. A walk through Carolina Beach State Park takes you deep into a natural coastal forest that shall remain preserved for future generations. Spying glimpses of the ocean through the thick of oak trees that grace Fort Fisher is always a photo that needs to be taken yet living the moment often wins out. Kure Beach Pier is always alive with fisherman and tourist looking to the ocean to fill their desires. It teems with energy and excitement as the pelicans greet wide-eyed children and the whirl of fishing reels draws everyone's attention. The Aquarium at Fort Fisher opens our eyes to what lies beneath the ocean’s obvious beauty and it reaches our soul by calling out to all of us to do a better job protecting our waters. The Carolina Beach Boardwalk reminds us of simpler times as one can relax with an ice cream cone and watch seagulls and families move about their day. The North End offers freedom to roam and opportunities to envelope oneself in magical water views, friendship and nightly campfires. And then there is the…

Our time is often limited but the opportunities for happiness here on the island appear endless--one just has to reach for them.

I hope you enjoy the following posts as much as I have. They make for a very enjoyable Sunday read and remind us not to take the simpler things here on the island for granted. [Note: This will now be a regular feature at least once a month.]

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