July 14, 2008

Erin's Monday Restaurant/Bar Review: The Fat Pelican

3 out of 5 stars...

What an odd little bar. We had heard that this was the place to visit for a cold beer in CB. So, after dinner Saturday night we headed over there. Great concept...they have this huge walk-in fridge that has over 250 types of beer. You just go in, grab your beer and take it back out to the bartender to pay. She also has the regular Millers and Buds in a cooler behind the bar.

The building itself reminds me of a cave. It feels like it's built into a mountain or something. The ceilings are low and it's filled with all sorts of odd garage sale items and posters. everyone who has ever set foot in the place has written something somewhere...on the walls, ceiling, lamps, chairs. You name it, it's been written on. They don't have any normal seating, it's all used Grandma's house kind of stuff. Plaid couches and old barber chairs. I was very excited to actually have some place comfortable to sit while in a bar.

A few major downers. The bartender looked like she had been working there since 1973. She was wearing these tight white pants with the sides cut out and held together with a ring. Something a 19 year old would wear. We couldn't stop staring. Also, the smoke. I know this is a big complaint for me but it's true. I would have sat in that place all night long, reading National Geographics from 1994 and playing video games, but I just can't deal with the smoke. There were only about 8 or 9 people in there, but it was like the smoke was filtering out of the walls. Man, it was bad. I'm not sure why every bar in this town has to smell like death.

Also, the beer wasn't super cold. It was cold enough, but not sitting in a bucket of ice cold. Kind of a turn off.

The Fat Pelican
8 South Lake Park Blvd
Carolina Beach, NC

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