July 6, 2008

Erin's Monday Restaurant Review: Freddie's Restaurante

5 out of 5 enthusiastic stars for Freddie's.

What a great little find in Kure Beach. If you want to come here on a busy night in the summer, or heck even a non-busy night in the winter, you're probably going to wait for a table. There are only maybe, 15 tables in the whole place and a very small bar that might seat 3. But, this is besides the point. It is such a great, homey, comfortable atmosphere and the food is so good.

Get the pork chops. Don't look at the rest of the menu, just get the pork chops. And don't bother paying for 2 of them. Just get one. I'm not sure if Paul Bunyan could eat 2 of these suckers. There are all sorts of variations, with toppings and sides. They come served on a steaming hot metal plate. SO good. On our first visit, I was told by a very old, very tipsy woman who had probably been going there for 40 years, so get the pork chops. Don't disappoint her.

One little tip, however. If it is February and pouring rain outside, don't sit next to the door. A huge gust of wind will freeze you out of the place every time the door is opened.

Freddies Resturante
444 Sandman Dr
Kure Beach, NC
(910) 458-5979

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