June 17, 2008

Study-Extend the Current Carolina Beach Bike Path to Fort Fisher

The Dow Road Steering Committee will be having a public meeting on 30 June to advise residents of their current progress with the Dow Road Corridor Study. Currently, they are looking to have a four lane divided highway to K Avenue in Kure Beach and a two lane shoulder section for the remaining roadway which would tie into Fort Fisher Blvd further down towards the ferry entrance. In addition, they are looking to extended the current Carolina Beach multi-use path along the new roadway.

Expanding the bike path to Fort Fisher would be a huge win for Wilmington cyclist as the entire Wilmington area is sorely lacking in cycling options. By expanding the current trail, Pleasure Island residents would have easy access to all the local beaches as well as the Fort Fisher Ferry. It would cut down on some vehicle traffic and would help with summer congestion. I'm sure visitors would welcome the trail with open arms as it would afford them one more recreational option during their stay. And I wouldn't be surprised if the trail became the number one spot for in-line skaters as the path would be wide and free from any cross traffic.

So if you have a free moment and support this initiative, please let the powers-to-be know:

Contact Information
Mike Kozlosky
Wilmington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Development Services,
Transportation Planning
305 Chestnut Street
P.O. Box 1810
Wilmington, NC 28402-1810

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