June 3, 2008

New Carolina Beach Concrete Pier?

Rumor has it...

that the N.C. Aquariums are now strongly considering the Carolina Beach Boardwalk as the location for construction of a new concrete pier. Their intention to build a pier on Pleasure Island first became known in February 2008 when they released a press release. "In order to preserve a coastal tradition that weather and economics have nearly erased from the shoreline, the N.C. Aquariums want to build and run three storm-resistant ocean fishing piers. The proposed piers will extend 1,000 feet into the Atlantic, with concrete pilings to withstand crashing waves and high winds, and timber decks to reflect tradition. The design will employ 'green' building principles and stormwater treatment methods."

There is no doubt that the recent initiatives to improve the boardwalk and move forward with the CB Master Development Plan is fueling interest in the area. And if you have had the chance to read over the Master Development Plan, you would see that one of the two proposed initiatives for development of the core area between Cape Fear Blvd and Harper Ave is a Pier Park Concept. The other concept is for a Town Square.

Having the N.C. Aquariums take a strong interest in our boardwalk area is truly a welcomed gift as they would be funding the majority of the pier construction; Carolina Beach would help with securing suitable land area.

But for now, one must consider the first word of this article. The proposal is still just a rumor, albeit confirmation has come from some knowledgeable sources.

So for now, we watch and wait. If I hear more, I'll keep you posted.

Here are two artist renderings of the proposed Pier Park Concept as illustrated in the Master Development Plan. If you view the pictures on the actual plan, they are much clearer and less distorted. Click the above link for the actual MDP document.

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