June 1, 2008

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover.

Carolina Beach Boardwalk
The Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover was a huge success! With some very hard work by volunteers and their buckets of paint and mulch, the CB Boardwalk has a new life. The area is teeming with visitors and residents enjoying the open air seating and the quaint touches of paint and decorations. And although the 'makeover' was just a temporary fix, the volunteers have once again made the familiar stomping ground appealing to visitors and a welcoming place to rest, eat and enjoy ocean scenery. The overall results of their efforts are quite notable and they remind us that volunteers can and do make a huge difference in our lives.

But eventually, the boardwalk as we know it today, will be no more. The old buildings of years past will be torn down to make way for new development as we begin to see exciting additions and changes to the central business district and boardwalk area. Those days are coming and I eagerly look forward to our next step forward.

But for now it is nice to enjoy the days of yesteryear with their freshly applied coats of new paint. Burgers, hot dogs and doughnuts can be enjoyed while taking in the quaintness of the boardwalk with its impressive landscaping, colors and outdoor entertainment.

Summer days seem to pass quickly and this year, I know where I'll be spending quite a few of them.

PS. In the last picture, preliminary work has begun on the Hilton Garden Inn
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