May 2, 2008

Carolina beach music...What is it?

Have you ever heard the term "Carolina beach music?" Do you know what it means? If you don't, well join the club. I've seen various articles in the past talking about Carolina beach music but I never bothered to read up on it. Well today, I finally took the time to figure out exactly what it was all about. I came across this blog entry that explained it quite well.
"To anyone who did not grow up in the U.S. states of North or South Carolina, or perhaps Virginia or Georgia, Carolina beach music takes some explaining....

Carolina beach music isn’t about surfing or drag racing. It’s about dancing at the pavilion in Myrtle Beach, shagging on the sand with your best girl, holding hands and watching the moon rise over Atlantic breakers as the harmonies of The Drifters, the Embers or the Tams drift over the dunes...."
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