May 10, 2008


alligator crossing

Run for your life, there are gators on the loose. Well not really, but once again another alligator story shows up in one of our local papers. This time, a six foot alligator temporarily closed Carolina Beach Rd near Greenfield Park in Wilmington as the police ensured he had a safe path to wherever alligators eventually go. In this case, the little fellow headed to the Cape Fear River for a mid day cool down...or to devour some unsuspecting birds. But either way, it made for quite a show (with pictures and video) and the local paper was there to catch the events 'as they unfolded.'

Read the story here at the Wilmington Star

Last August, another alligator (maybe it was the same one, I'm not known for tagging gators) roamed the streets here at Carolina Beach. And again, the prehistoric beast was kind enough to stop for a picture.

Read the story here at the Island Gazette
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