May 31, 2008

2 Wine Guys @ The Grind Keeps Getting Better

(Side view with the Carolina Beach Lake in the background)

Shawn and Joel are now offering well over 60 varieties of wine and now have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings. In addition, they have continued to remodel the inside of the former all coffee house and have done a wonderful job of creating a comfortable and sophisticated wine den for the truest of wine lovers. But personally, I'm one that enjoys sitting on the breezy outside deck and watching the evening dance of water birds as they settle in to bed.

As promised earlier, here are a few recent pictures from the Grind.
(The outside front deck overlooking CB Lake and the ocean dunes)

(Fear not Grind coffee lovers, they still continue to brew the same Java as before)

(The walk-in retail area of the shop)

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