May 24, 2008

2 Wine Guys @ The Grind Grand Opening

This is an older picture of the original Grind...I'll update the image soon

I received the following email from the proprietors of 2 Wine Guys at the Grind. This quaint coffee/wine house has quickly become one of my favorite places to unwind and enjoy some fresh air while sipping a cozy glass of wine (or some fresh java in the am). I'm sure if you have visited CB in the past then you have seen this shop next to the lake. It has a wonderful second floor wrap around porch that was made for relaxing and catching up with friends or making new ones.

As for the wine selection, they have over 40 different varieties and you can order by the glass, bottle or you can get a bottle to take home. The owners/staff are extremely friendly and they have tested all the wines so they are very helpful when you need a recommendation. So if you need to find a relaxing place for a little down time, there is no better place on the island.


Come find your happy place.

2 Wine Guys @ The Grind will hold their grand opening this weekend, from Thursday through Sunday, featuring 14 wines by the glass and more than 40 unique bottles to choose from - either to drink on our breezy deck or wine room, or to take home and enjoy with friends.

Joel Macon and Shawn Underwood have converted The Grind coffee house into a gourmet coffee shop and wine bar, offering an interesting selection of reds and white, from California to Australia, with a few Europeans mixed in for good measure.

Joel and Shawn won't put a wine on their shelves they haven't personally tasted, and their motto is, "If you don't drink it, we will!"

2 Wine Guys @ The Grind opens at 7am every day, and closes at 5 Monday through Wednesday. They are open until 11 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

So come on out and watch the fireworks from our deck, stop by before or after the Sunday movie at the lake, or just pop by any time for a glass of wine or a mimosa.

2 Wine Guys @ The Grind is located at 308 S. Lake Park Blvd., adjacent to the Carolina Beach Lake. Their phone number is (910) 458-6033.
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