April 25, 2008

What is that bird?

Need help identifying a certain shore bird? Here is a great website with numerous pictures of water birds that you may come across while visiting the Eastern Carolina shoreline.

And they also have a section, Backyard Birds, that cover many Carolina land birds.

And speaking of birds, at times they need our help due to injuries or sickness. The Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter, based in Oak Island, is a wonderful group that continues to work tirelessly helping injured and sick birds throughout Southeastern Carolina.

From their website:
2007 was busier than expected. 153 birds were treated and 59 of those were from Oak Island. There were 55 different species admitted including 11 pelicans, 19 gulls, 9 loons, 8 gannets, plus raptors and waterbirds of every description. Most came to the Shelter because of natural causes such as emaciation during migration and injuries caused by predators. But there were also a lot of fishing entanglements and collisions with vehicles.
Various forms of donations are always most welcomed.
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